Peggy Watkins

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for March, 2011

Peggy Watkins is an artist residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Her respect for the natural world and animals exhibits itself in her elegant representational images.

Peggy is a supporter of conservation as exemplified by her role in the Kamana Meat For Conservation Project - A project in Mfuwe Zambia to provide local residents a protein alternative to game meat. Currently, subsistence poaching (usually with snares) is a problem in and around the South Luangwa National Park. The snares are meant to capture small game (which is illegal) and has many detrimental effects on roaming animals such as elephant an wild dogs. The program begins with the formation of a conservation club in key areas (called Kamana Conservation Clubs). The program provides the clubs 4 pigs (including a breeding pair), a brick structure to house pigs as well as instruction and medicines for their care. The pigs are to be bread and sustained as well as harvested for meat. The program is run onsite. Rodgers Shawa is responsible for regular oversight of the program. The program is funded by Peggy and Todd Watkins.

Although she has worked with mediums such as colored pencils and pastels, oil paint is her preferred medium. "Oils are very powerful in that they allow me to accomplish my main objective of capturing the emotion of the moment and the nuances of the subject I am painting."

Although a realist, her style of painting can be described as painterly. "it is challenging to me in that it requires bold brush strokes with lots of lost and found edges while still keeping the structure realistic through the use of proper value and color. It also requires an emphasis on selective focus so that the viewer's eye is held just where you intended. When you get it right the result is dramatic and energetic."

When not completing commissioned art work, her preferred subjects are hunting dogs, North American and African wildlife. She has traveled to Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and she and her husband have a home just across from the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Additionally, annual trips are made to America's great parks for research and reference acquired first hand.

Born in Washington State into a Navy family, Peggy began drawing at a very young age. Numerous moves across the US as well as Asia her to live in many different environments. In Atlanta she has had the opportunity to attend fine art classes at the Atlanta College of Art in addition to private instruction from artist Kristopher Meadows. Peggy also does a great deal of self study that includes studying images of her favorite artists such as David Shepherd, Richard Schmid and John Singer Sargent. She has also attended workshops instructed by John Banovich and Dave Wade.

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