Katerina Ring

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2011

Katerina has been a supporter of conservation and social action for many years. Currently she is a contributing member of the S. Luangwa Conservation Society, Mfuwe, Zambia, South Luangwa National Park's most effective animal rescue and anti-poaching organization.
She is a volunteer teacher (of art & literacy), teacher trainer and fundraiser for Luyobolola Community School, Mazabuka, Zambia. (1-4 months annually). Luyobolola is a free school for indigent and orphaned children.

In 2009 she exhibited paintings in Mfuwe, Zambia as a fundraiser for Malimba Community School, a rural school in a national park area (S. Luangwa).

She contribution to the Lusaka Animal Welfare Society. Lusaka, Zambia , and exhibited paintings in Mfuwe, Zambia as a fundraiser for Malimba Community School - rural school in national park area (S. Luangwa).

In 2007 she made a large financial donation to Kakumbi Clinic Project. Mfuwe, Zambia - rebuliding of rural free clinic in national park area.

She had an exhibit of paintings in Mfuwe, Zambia. as a fundraiser for S. Luangwa Conservation Society and co-founded Guinea Fowl Italia (Lucca, Italy). The largest importer/distributer of high-end textiles from fair-trade business Tribal Textiles, Mfuwe, Zambia. Tribal Textiles is the biggest employer in the Luangwa Valley.  In 2003 she made a donation and visit to Chipembele Wildlife Education Center, Mfuwe, Zambia. Chipembele is a non-profit orgainization offering workshops (focusing on ecology, wildlife, environmental issues, etc) for local children in areas surrounding the park.

Earlier she was active with LAV (Lega-Anti Vivisection), Italy's animal rights/welfare group. Made signs and participated in campaigns, protesting use of animals in circuses, etc. Lucca, Italy, volunteered as graphic artist for magazine produced by The Animal Protection Institute, Sacramento, California, USA, and volunteered at Animal 2000, animal welfare association in Munich, Germany.

She was employed as graphic artist, office manager and volunteer co-ordinator for In Defense of Animals, San Rafael, CA, USA and was a volunteer and staff member The Raptor Center, Davis, CA, USA (rehabilitation center for birds of prey) where she trained volunteers, prepared raptors for release back into their natural habitats, provided outreach education, etc.
Even earlier she co-founded student groups People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals at UC Davis and Earth First at UC Davis, Davis, CA, USA. assisted students opposed to dissection and vivisection, promoted vegetarianism, promoted change through non-violence.

Katerina is a full-time painter, living part-time in Italy and part-time in Zambia. Her education was in graphic and textile design at the University of California, Davis. She continued, postgrad, through the University of Georgia, Athens in Cortona, Italy and has studied drawing and painting in Germany, Florence and in the USA through various programs and schools for professional artists.

She has painted in Zambia and Tuscany, exhibiting in various venues there and in USA. Her subject matter and media have evolved in the past 15 years from very detailed still lifes in watercolor to pastel landscapes, to semi-impressionistic and abstract oils of animal and plant life. Throughout, there has always been a graphic element to her work, and a strong sense of color.

The work she produces in Zambia ties together two of her life's passions: art and animals. In the past several years she has volunteered her time, knowledge and funds to various organizations which help decrease negative human/animal interaction, offer employment options, build and maintain schools and restore health services to the community. " When the presence of animals, alive, benefits the humans more than they would on their plates, the community is sustainable for all invoved, animals, and humans. Through my art I aim to express my wonder at the natural world, and create awareness of nature's importance and fragility."

For more information about Katerina and her artwork, please visit her AFC website

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