Judith Hartke

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for July, 2010

Judith's work has gone to support many organizations concerned with wildlife and environmental conservation, and she considers the time spent in the field as one of the most rewarding aspects of her career. She has traveled much of the US in search of the experiences and reference material so important to her paintings, and in 2006 traveled to Africa to photograph and paint the animals of Kenya. A member of both the Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation, her work can be found in galleries and shows throughout the US or by visiting her website, The artist works out of her studio in Glenwood, NY, where she lives with her husband and daughter.
Judith frequently donates work to raise money for various wildlife and conservation causes. Until her daughter was born and time became a bit more scarce, she worked as a volunteer for "The Messiger Woods" wildlife rehabilitation center and earned her wildlife rehabilitator's asssistant license. She currently supports conservation causes both small and large, and works to develope and maintain a wildlife friendly environment in her own back yard. In addition, she has taught nature art classes to various groups, such as local art societies, schools, Buffalo Museum of Science, Geauga Park Nature Center, and at the Niagara Power Vista's Wildlife Festival. "I have always been a supporter of conservation causes, but it was not until I developed as an artist that the avenue to a greater participation in conservation efforts became apparent. I gradually become aware that nature artists have a unique opportunity to use their work for the good of the natural world in many ways. Whether by bringing attention to the beauty of it, observing and documenting aspects of it through their paintings, or using it to raise funds for conservation efforts, nature artist have the ability to use what they do every day for the betterment of our world. I feel that it is an added gift no less important than artistic talent. AFC is a unique organization in which the beauty of nature art is combined with an effort toward it's conservation, which I find to be a perfect fit with my beliefs as a nature artist."
Raised in rural Western New York, painter Judith Hartke developed a fascination and deep appreciation for animals early on. Graduating from Cornell with a BS in both Animal Science and Education in 1990, Judith spent over ten years working as a dairy nutrition and management consultant. Her work gave her ample opportunity to study both domestic and wild animals on a daily basis, and it wasn't long before she was drawn back to expressing her love of animals using her artistic talents. "As I look back now and see my old college zoology notes surrounded by sketches of animals, I realize that coming back to art was inevitable."In 2001, she was fortunate to be one of only 75 international applicants to be juried into Robert Bateman's artists' seminar, where her keen interest in wildlife art was cemented. Since that time, the artist has gone on to win awards and acceptance into many national and international wildlife art competitions, shows, and exhibitions. Such shows include "Art of the Animal Kingdom" in Bennington, Vermont, the "National Wildlife Art Exhibit" in Henderson, Kentucky, the "Florida Wildlife Art Expo", and "Southeastern Miniature Invitational", North Carolina. Her first two duck stamp entries placed twelve and then tenth consecutively in the Federal Duck Stamp Contest. Judith was twice selected as "Wildlife Artist of the Year" at the New York State Wildlife Art Competition at the State Fair in Syracuse, where her work also won the People's Choice Award. "Nature provides me, as an artist, with such an endless supply of texture and emotion that I feel it could never be fully explored in a lifetime. From the beauty of a doe grazing in the soft morning sun, to the terrible excitement of a Peregrine Falcon diving for prey, it is that endless beauty and wildness that I love to try to capture in my work. Attempting to recreate these moments of a world which most seldom see is what I find incredibly exciting and inspiring about painting the natural world."

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