Judy Scotchford

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for April, 2009

Judy has been a long time member of Greenpeace, and as President of the Queensland Wildlife Artist Soceity has always worked to raise money for Australian conservation projects. Now, after each trip, she supports a local conservation project in the country she has visited, and donates some of the earnings from the artwork she does, as a result of that journey.  For example, after her trip to Kenya in 2007, when she visited The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, she now sponsors a young elephant called Makena. She also supports many other human aid projects, especially in Africa, and tries to return some money directly to the communities she's visited and whose people she paints.
Judy began painting in 1985 and since then has been busy developing an individual approach to her art that combines traditional methods with her own mixed media painting techniques. Prior to 1977, the emphasis of her work was on indigenous Australian wildlife. However, her first trip to Africa that year had a huge inspirational impact, and the focus of her work changed to African subjects, including people and wildlife.
Her artistic horizons have continued to expand, and now Judy paints a wide spectrum of subjects and portraits in mixed media.The current subjects of her paintings are often a reflection of the cultural diversity of the various parts of the world to which Judy has been fortunate to travel.
Judy's detailed paintings display a love of design, colour and strong tonal contrasts, and she has devised a unique way to portray the personalities of people. Subtle use of mixed media gives her paintings a 'trompe l'oiel' or three dimensional effect. For example, Pastels are often used to give a soft velvety shine to the skin tones. Fabric may be added to give a varied weave to the clothing etc., and then painted in complicated patterns and textile finishes. Thick acrylic medium is applied in several layers for the beads and buttons. Sometimes, small chains, keys, cotton yarn, feathers, or gold and silver leaf are used.
Judy was President of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society from 1987 to 1989, and has won prizes from both the Queensland Society and The Wildlife Art Society of Australia. In 2001, Judy won the Championship portrait prize at the R.N.A Brisbane Exhibition, 3rd prize in 2005, and a Highly Commended in 2006. Judy was also a Finalist in an Australian Artist Magazine art competition in 2006.
Judy's paintings form part of many corporate and private collections, both in Australia and overseas.
In 2005, Judy went on a trip to Namibia with two fellow AFC members, Lyn Ellison and Peta Boyce and exhibited the results of their trip in a joint exhibition 'A Brush with Africa', with great success. They hope to have another exhibition in 2008 as a result of their trip to Tanzania and Kenya in 2007.

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