Jerry Venditti

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for November, 2009

Explaining how he became involved with painting coral reefs, Venditti said, "Last year I became deeply distressed about the escalating destruction of natural systems caused by carbon emissions". Jerry's wife introduced him to Brion Black, a former director of the World Wildlife Fund International in Geneva. Together they decided to focus efforts on "elevating public consciousness about our planet's most vulnerable habitat, coral reefs."
The combined effects of warming seas, increased acidification and over-fishing have already destroyed over 28% of coral reefs. The scientific community agrees, that without immediate action, by the end of this century virtually all coral reefs will have been killed by human related activities. To counter this threat, Venditti and Black joined with other concerned artists and conservation-committed individuals to found The International Organization for Sustainability of Coral Reefs and Coral Reef Cultures, know as "CORALATION." Believing that local peoples are best equipped to protect their coral reef resources, and in an effort to preserve traditional cultures of coral reef communities, CORALATION is developing fundraising and earned income projects that support Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas (LMMPA).
"Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by massive nonprofits to conclude the obvious, coral reefs are dying." "One of our significant differences over other conservation organizations is that we are not in favor of tourism as a solution to coral reef destruction. In fact, tourism increases carbon emission, causes mangrove forest destruction, pollutes the land and seawater and corrupts the cultural health of remote costal societies. ." There is strong evidence to support that indigenous cultures have most of the knowledge and the systems required to protect their reefs. What these villagers lack is the political and very modest financial support required to create and enforce their LMMPAs. As a small new organization, anyone interested in becoming involved is most welcome.
Venditti's coral reefscape were developed in response to CORALATION's belief that "people don't care about what they don't know." We are already observing the impact of these luscious paintings on stimulating viewer of all ages and nationalities, to better appreciate our planet's most threatened habitat.
Jerry Venditti is best known for his Southwestern art; ( locally inspired commissioned works are to be seen in wine tasting rooms, such as the Kendal Jackson Hospitality Center, and in numerous corporate and private collections. Jerry Venditti is represented by Heritage Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Although steeped in antiquity, Venditti employs his own rich, vibrant style.  His unique versatility throughout his work can transport you to the golfer's clubhouse at Pebble Beach, a vineyard in the Wine Country, a sumptuous still life reminiscent of an Old Master, or a Native American piece surrounded by objects which can historically be viewed as a kind of chronicle.  Artistically, every brushstroke owns the canvas; there is no subject too insignificant to be treated with reverence and perfection. 
Venditti views art like life, "limitless in form, and infinite in expression."  Painting has become a spiritual means for him, a way to share the love and beauty of creation.  Look closer, and you will find a creative genius capable of anticipating, analyzing, and arranging "compositions" that command us to "see" through the artist's eyes what we may otherwise take for granted.  Anywhere you are, Venditti's work will vibrate to the heart, mind and soul of you. Venditti was born and raised in San Francisco and the Bay area.  He attended San Jose State College, San Francisco University, and studied art with Al Proom in San Francisco, and Tom Jordon of the San Francisco Art Institute.  He also spent time painting in New Mexico.  He has two sons, Jayce and Darin, and has lived in the countryside of Sonoma County for over 25 years.

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