Theresa Eichler

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for April, 2008

Theresa Eichler believes the natural world is the ultimate fantasy of diversity and wonder, filled with marvelous creatures, each a character of its own, living in amazing balance with its surroundings. Helping to sustain the natural balance by contributing to conservation through art is her highest goal.
Theresa contributes regularly to the World Wildlife Fund and to other causes, like the Cheetah Conservation Fund, with the money she currently can make available to charity.
From 2000 to 2006, she volunteered as a Governor on the Board for the Real Estate Foundation of BC, which contributes funds from real estate trust accounts to university endowments for programs connected to conservation & sustainable land use, and works around the province of British Columbia, Canada, that demonstrate conservation or sustainable and innovative land use practices. While there, she was also appointed to the Board for the Green Building Fund. (
In her career history as a planner, she has worked on preservation of environmentally sensitive areas; wildlife habitat; floodplain lands; water quality of rural beaches; and in every case; sustainable growth of urban areas; so as to create the least possible impact on the natural environment.
"As I move forward in art, there will always be proceeds devoted to support conservation and wildlife protection. My fond hope is that this can grow to significant levels.Theresa's earliest memories of what stirs passion in her are of nature and wildlife. Coupled with this is the ever-present desire and drive to depict the sheer magic of the natural world in paintings. She has never lost the sense of wonder in the stunning diversity, immense challenges and unmatched harmony of life in nature. At a management training session a few years ago, she was asked to "think outside the box" and describe what she would do if she had "all the money in the world". The answer for her was clear and simple: she would buy up all the remaining natural habitat worldwide and ensure that it would sustain its ecosystems, and would do everything in her power to commit all humanity to respect and nurture the treasures that this world has bestowed upon us.
In October 2004, she went on an art safari in Kenya led by Simon Combes. It was a huge shock to learn of Simon's demise, due to an encounter with a buffalo, barely 2 months after the Kenyan safari.  She has also been fortunate to have studied and learned from John Banovich, Paco Young, John Seerey-Lester and Terry Isaac.  Meeting with and learning from other artists, who share her passion for wildlife and art, give renewed credibility to the things she values most.
In May of 2006, Theresa returned to Africa to see the Serengeti,and the Ngoro-Ngoro Crater in Tanzania on a safari that featured daily 12 hour game drives to maximize animal viewing. She saw over 80 lions, 100 elephants and thousands of wildebeest on migration, in amongst the rich array of animals in their home as only can be experienced in Africa. These African trips were made possible by her Grandmother's  estate. Grandma Linnette  was also an artist with an unparalleled  passion for life.Her favourite medium is water-mixable oils on canvas or board and her preferred subject is wildlife in its natural environment. Landscapes have also been the subject of much of her formative years of painting for pleasure.

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