Kim Diment

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for May, 2008

A North American native, Kim Diment's unique art brings personality and life to the animals she has chosen to depict. As a young person she spent hours in the woods surrounding the shorelines of the AuSable River near her home. She drove her parents crazy with the hurt and orphaned animals she would bring home. Her brother ruined her teenage social life by dubbing her "Nature Girl".   Her formal training involved a double major from Michigan State University in Zoology and in the Fine Arts.  Kim taught High School art for thirteen years while continuing to pursue her own art.  In 2003 she started painting full time.
Kim became addicted to travel in the early nineties. She  visited countries that were especially diverse in wildlife.  She has traveled Ecuador, Belize, Canada, US, Europe and most of the southern countries of Africa. It was no wonder with Africa's animals that she became especially addicted.  Future travels will hopefully include Alaska, Northern Canada, the jungles and Australia.   Kim's  contribution to conservation involves several at home projects and one continuing African cause.  One of these current projects involves picking an endangered species to paint and a group that can best use funding generated from the sale of a limited edition of that animal. This year's animal was the Kirtland's Warbler, a species that is very close to Kim's home of Grayling Michigan.  The Kirtland Warbler is also nick named the "Fire Bird "due to the fact that it relies on fires to open up the cone of the Jack Pine.  When this happens the seeds of the tree are dispersed  and the sapling quickly grows. These small Jack Pines serve as the nesting habitat for the Kirtland Warbler.  The northern parts of Michigan are this bird's exclusive habitat.   The Kirtland's over winters in  the Bahamas.  The Kirtland's Warbler was on the brink of extinction not too long ago.   A collective effort from several organizations, along with the Michigan Forest Service has significantly increased the Kirtland's numbers. Audubon is one of these organizations. Kim is  donating rights to Audubon for half  an edition of prints from her painting "Ballad of the Phoenix".  The Phoenix was the first  "Fire Bird".  It was said  that after its fiery demise it was reborn again from its own ashes, a legend that somewhat describes the Kirtland's Warbler. Money collected will be used for public school programs in both Michigan and in the Bahamas. Next years endangered species looks to be the Trumpeter Swan.
Another close to home endeavor for Kim is working with a regional wild animal rehab center "The Animal ARK" of Houghton Lake Michigan.  She is providing the center with a set of paintings of native birds and mammals commonly rehabilitated at the Ark. These Giclee images are being sold or raffled with a large portion of the monies going back to the Ark.  In the future images will be used as note cards with proceeds going to the ARK. Kim is also  involved with the ongoing project  Tahquamenon State Park's "Art for the Park"  Kim is using a landscape from Michigan's beautiful Tahquamenon's Falls area and portraying a native animal.  An edition of 125 prints is being made for each year's scene.  Last year's painting placed a bull moose at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River.  This years painting features a mother black bear and two cubs walking the shallows of the middle falls.  A portion of the sales proceeds go back into the State's Park systems.Further away from home Kim is working with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya to raise awareness to the endangered species that are prevalent in that park.  This connection to Lewa started due to an exhibit in California

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