Rebecca Richman

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for May, 2006

Rebecca Richman Flint is extremely passionate about honoring her relationship with the natural world, and she cares deeply for all beings to which the Earth provides a home. Living relationships, expressed through her nature art, bring into focus the connection of one life to another, and the intricate ways in which we impact our planet and are impacted by it. Rebecca seeks to create images that reveal the inherent bond that humanity has with all of Nature, and her artwork reflects this intensity of spirit with striking depth and emotion while  her actions demonstrate her sincerity.
Rebecca has been a strong supporter of conservation for many years, not only through the creation and evolution of her paintings, but by volunteering and dedicating a large amount of time to on-the-ground preservation efforts in places where she's lived. By assisting in numerous biological surveys, cleaning up river and stream corridors, controlling invasive species, contributing long days to diverse stewardship activities, participating in donor events, and expanding awareness through the marketing of her images, Rebecca has thoroughly enjoyed the highly rewarding work of conservation.
In addition to participating in important preservation initiatives, Rebecca has donated thousands of dollars to non-profit groups who are focused on protecting living species and their native habitats. Presently, a generous fifty percent of all profits from the sale of her Highlands limited edition prints (Home for Blue Jays, Home for Spring Magic, Home for Three Sisters, and Home for Mother Forest) is being donated to the Highlands Nature Sanctuary for critical land protection efforts in the Arc of Appalachia. To learn more about the wonder of the Highlands, please visit Rebecca's artwork page and explore the narratives she has written about these special images.
Rebecca's current body of work, now almost complete, is focused on the species most affected by acid deposition in the northeast United States where she resides. Home for Brook Trout is the first image in this series, and silently communicates the relationship between a Brookie and his home - our freshwater aquatic systems. The subjects for the additional watercolors in the series are Red-backed Salamander, Red Spruce, Bicknell's Thrush, Loon, Sugar Maple, and Mayfly. In these paintings, expressing viable relationships to pristine waterbodies, clean air, and pure cloud precipitation is key.  For example, in her Home for Loon painting, Rebecca brings amplified concentration to the relationship between Loons, healthy lakes, and Yellow Perch, a fish from which mercury is being transferred by bioaccumulation and biomagnification up the food chain. Upon finishing the Mayfly image, final in the series, there will be a total of seven paintings which Rebecca will be exhibiting not only in the Northeast, but throughout the Midwest U.S. as well. This body of work will bring attention to the effects of pollution and to a very important conservation issue, highlighting connection of place, while addressing the perspective of a one Earth megasystem. For many years, Rebecca has been using her work to raise awareness about the importance of conserving biological diversity, a term that many people have difficulty understanding and visualizing. She believes you cannot have a healthy landscape without having a viable population of each species within that landscape, for there is a remarkable connectedness among all life forms. Her images tell the story of shared relationships in Nature in order to bring to the forefront of our consciousness that what we do to our natural world, we do to ourselves.  Rebecca's vision is that humanity and all Nature's beings can thrive together in balance and in harmony.  This message of healing and wholeness is celebrated through her work.
Rebecca has created images for conservation organizations such as the remarkable Highlands Nature Sanctuary in southern Ohio and also The Nature Conservancy which protects habitat around the world. She has painted commissions for private parties as well as created detailed pen & ink drawings that reflect the finest scientific illustration. Over more than a decade, Rebecca has established a strong exhibition and collection base.
She began creating art at a very young age while living in Colorado, and pursued this love throughout her educational career at Colorado State University, Columbus College of Art & Design, and with master watercolorist/AWS signature member, Mr. Roland Roycraft, in Traverse City, Michigan. Now residing in the scenic Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, Rebecca continues to expand her work as she strives to silently communicate her compassion for all life. Through her art, she encourages people to explore their own close, intimate relationship with the natural world.

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