John Banovich

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for April, 2006

Over the years Banovich has worked with a variety of organizations, raising thousands of dollars for conservation and humanitarians causes. He hopes that his art will inspire us to protect our wildlife and ensuring its survival. He has also worked with several different world-wide organizations with a successful history of bringing the non-hunting conservation community and the sportsmen conservationists together for united efforts to save wildlife for future generations.
Recently John established the Banovich Wildlife Fund. "I am very excited to have created the Banovich Wildscape Fund, continuing my commitment to the wild places of the world. Funding will be made available for grass root environmental projects, education programs and often overlooked needs of small groups dedicated to performing the much needed work on the behalf of wildlife and the environment." John Banovich
Banovich Wildscape Nature Fund fosters cooperative efforts to conserve the earth`s wildlife and wild places to benefit the wildlife and the people that live there. BWF promotes scientific research and conservation education; facilitates habitat protection and restoration projects; develops creative and respectful partnerships to fund conservation programs; and creates opportunities to build long-term community economic well-being.
"I started Wildscape Nature Fund as a way to give something back to the world that has given so much to me. I believe there is nothing more important to future generations than wildlife and wild lands. It lifts our minds, replenishes our spirit and renews our passion for living."
Banovich is also partnering with the African Wildlife Foundation and Dr. Laurence Frank, Laikipia and Kilimanjaro project, to present The Lion P.R.I.D.E. Initiative.  The initiative is aimed at saving lions by supporting important scientific research, preserving large conservation landscapes, and assisting local and long-term community development. They are working to reverse the decline in lion numbers by educating local people in rural Africa while decreasing the impact on livestock. Working with the African Wildlife Foundation, BWF is engaging in research activities focused on better understanding lion behavior and their interactions with people, as well as map the critical areas where conflict between the lions and livestock has occurred. The result of this research will allow us to develop comprehensive management plans, based on sound science, and initiate strategies to alleviate wildlife and human conflict. For more information on this specific initiative visit .
 John Banovich is among the best known wildlife artists in the United States, whose art is also appreciated by numerous international collectors. He specializes in large oil paintings of African game, but his subjects cover all continents of the globe. Banovich is talented, prolific and dedicated

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