Peter Hall

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for April, 2005

Peter Hall is a successful full-time wilderness artist, who established his reputation painting uniquely impressionist African landscapes. He has now expanded his artistic repertoire to include major wilderness areas through out the world. He travels regularly with Australian Adventure Company, Aurora Expeditions, as a Photographic Guide.  These trips have taken him to the Falklands and South Georgia, Antarctica, the Arctic and the Amazon.
Although painting remains Peter's main focus, his photographic work has become increasingly important. He has received awards for his photography in South Africa's Agfa Wildlife Competition, Germany's Glanzlichter Photographic Competition and in the  prestigious BBC International Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
Through his art and photography, Peter hopes to promote a greater appreciation of the beauty inherent in our unspoiled natural areas, as it is only by loving and appreciating nature that humanity will learn to value and conserve it. As a dedicated bird-watcher, Peter is particularly passionate about the plight of the albatrosses.
"The albatross is one of the most beautiful of all living birds with its awesome wingspan and graceful swooping flight. Most amazing too, is its story

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