Dag Peterson

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2005

Nature conservation has always been a "Guiding Light" for Dag. He was probably the very first artist in Sweden to use his artwork for fundraising to help threatened species. When the situation was at its worst (especially for birds of prey and owls) in the late 1960s, Dag initiated the movement by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to earmark funds for birds of prey. He was one of the initiators of a project to save the magnificent eagle owl in Sweden. His two Golden Eagles, injured and bound to a life in captivity, have produced 33 young during the past 17 years and all but two have been released to the wild. Sales of his prints have also helped fund rescue projects for the Peregrine Falcon and the Sea Eagle.
Dag's success in fundraising stems from the idea of giving generous people something to acknowledge their generosity. Many organizations have been helped by the generous contributions of artwork by Dag, including The East African Wildlife Society, The West German Society for Reintroduction of the Eagle Owl, World Wildlife Fund in Sweden, The Swedish Ornithology Society, The Swedish Raptor Society and many other local conservation societies. Sales of lithographs, reproduction prints, postcards, stickers and t-shirts with his images have raised millions of swedish crowns for his favoured causes.
Dag is also involved with the Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF), an organization based in the Netherlands and set up by artists to represent fragile and threatened natural habitats worldwide.
His book "Rovfaglar och ugglor i Norden" [Birds of Prey and Owls in Scandinavia], was published in September 2001 (ICA-forlaget). It was selected by the World Wildlife Fund in Sweden as the best written and illustrated wildlife book and was subsequently honoured by the Swedish King Carl Gustaf XVI as the chosen "Pandabook" of the year for 2002. Dag's newest book "Islands on the Edge, Svalbard and the Falkland Islands" was originally published in Swedish, and is now being translated to English.
Today, Dag Peterson is one of Sweden's most popular and appreciated wildlife artists. Pencil, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oils

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