Tony Pridham

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for December, 2004

At home, in Australia, Tony continues to contribute his time and talents to supporting The Wildlife Society. As its member, Tony has taken out many major Art Awards including First Prize and has also assumed the position of the Society's Exhibition Director. A keen environmentalist and conversationalist, Tony has participated in research papers on some of Australia's rarest birds, namely the Golden Shouldered and Orange Bellied Parrots. His knowledge and skills as a bird-watching guide are sought from enthusiasts far and wide. Paintings by the artist have supported many conservation projects around the world. Recently Tony Pridham's work was featured in Penny Olsen's book "Feather and Brush", a 300 year history of Australia Birds in Art. This year, Tony has been commissioned by Penny Olsen to illustrate her new book on the extinct Paradise Parrot. The book is to be published in a year or so, and will be marketed overseas as well as in Australia.Through critical observation and knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and character traits unique to the birds he is painting, Tony's brush is able to depict with astonishing realism and integrity, the true nature and beauty of the avian world. A Tony Pridham canvas not only conveys a feeling of celebration, it connects the viewer to the subject by invoking a deeply personal response.
Tony Pridham was born in Australia where he currently resides in the province of Victoria. He has delighted wildlife art collectors since he was fourteen when he began selling his watercolors on St Kilda Esplanade in Melbourne. He was educated at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Graduating to oils, he was soon winning national and international art awards. Since 1996, Tony's work has been displayed in the USA. His paintings have been selected for the prestigious LYWAM Birds in Art Exhibitions. Tony is also a member of the Society of Animal Artists and has participated in the society's "Art and the Animal" annual shows. He also entered the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SC) and the Bennnington Center for the Arts (VT) "Art of the Animal Kindgom" shows.

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