AFC's Simon Combes Conservation Award is the most prestigious award and highest honour AFC presents to a member artist who has shown artistic excellence and extraordinary contributions to the conservation cause, exemplifying the same qualities as the award's namesake. Past honourees include David Shepherd, Robert Bateman, John Banovich, Sue Stolberger, Robert Glen, Dr. Guy Harvey, Mark Hobson, Pollyanna Pickering, Karen Laurence-Rowe, Richard Ellis, and Guy Coheleach. 
On August 22nd, 2018 AFC honored internationally acclaimed Kenyan artist, Guy Combes recognized for his conservation leadership and artistic achievement with Artists for Conservation's top honor: the Simon Combes Conservation Artist Award. The award is especially significant in that it was established in memory of Guy's father who was a world-renowned wildlife artist and prominent conservationist. AFC bestows the award annually to individuals for exemplifying the achievements and dedication of the award's namesake. More information
In 2017, Canadian Artist, Mark Hobson was honored with the Simon Combes Conservation Artist Award.
In 2016, legendary American wildlife artist, Guy Coheleach travelled from Florida to Vancouver, BC to receive AFC's highest honor - the Simon Combes Conservation Artist Award.
In 2015, renowned African artist and anti-poaching activist, Karen Laurence-Rowe travelled from her home in Kenya to Vancouver, BC receive the Simon Combes Conservation Artist Award.
A prominent member of AFC, Simon Combes was Project Director of the Kenya chapter of the Rhino Rescue Trust, an organization founded in 1985 to protect endangered species from being poached, and to help the communities surrounding Lake Nakuru National Park affected by wildlife conflicts. On December 12th, 2004, Simon was tragically killed by a charging Cape buffalo while hiking near his home in Kenya. 
Simon was widely respected as a man of superb artistic talent, as a brilliant communicator, writer, instructor, world-traveler, painter, and as a steward of our planet. We were honoured to have had him as a member of Artists for Conservation.
The award's trophy design, the result of a competition among AFC members, was created by Peter Gray of South Africa. Depicting two wildebeest emerging from a mass and fragmenting slightly to indicate the fragility of our efforts to sustain the wilderness areas and the disappearing herds, the trophy is sculpted in clay and founded bronze with personalized inscription.
Learn more about the Simon Combes Conservation Award and past winners.
In 2012, AFC produced it's 2nd documentary film on Simon Combes and Soysambu. "The Soysambu Legacy: Art and Conservation in Africa's Rift Valley" is a film that tells the extraordinary tale of acclaimed artist and conservationist Simon Combes, and his efforts to protect and capture in art, Africa's endangered species. The film shares how Combes founded the Soysambu Conservancy, a non-profit organisation, and how it endeavours to preserve Africa's Great Rift Valley ecosystem for the benefit of future generations. Watch the Trailer!
2018 Awards & Medals
Artists receiving the awards are as follows:
Guy Combes will receive the Simon Combes Conservation Award on August 22, 2018 in Vancouver, BC. 
 Best in Show, Painting (tie)
James Hough for his painting “Sanctuary”;
Jason Kamin for his painting “The Watchman”  
Best in Show, Sculpture
Tony Mayo for his sculpture “Battle of the Orca and Thunderbird”  
Medals of Excellence
James Hough for his painting, “Sanctuary”
Jason Kamin for his painting, “The Watchman”
Michael Dumas for his painting, “Looking Out”
Michael Dumas for his painting, “Northern Cross”
James Hough for his painting, “Times Like This”
Hans Kappel for his painting, “Mumble”
David Kitler for his painting, “Cordón Sanitario”
Laura Levitsky for her painting, “Keeping Watch”
Environmental Statement Award
Jason Kamin for his painting, “The Watchman”  
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Award (2017)
Kim Duffek for “Cacophony in Blue”  
The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Award for 2018, Western Art Collector Magazine and Editor's Choice Award will be announced at a later date. Artists attending the 2018 Festival will receive their awards at the Exhibit opening on August 22nd in Vancouver, BC. Visit the AFC Festival site for more information: 2017 Awards & Medals
Every year Artists for Conservation pays tribute to international artists with awards. Fourteen artists were honored in 2017. The awards include five AFC Medals of Excellence, which recognizes at least five outstanding artworks in the exhibit, and two Environmental Statement Awards. AFC has also created a new Best in Show Award in 2016, in recognition of the highest scoring artwork by the jury panel in the annual exhibit.  Learn more

AFC Medal of Excellence

These awards are given annually to a small number of artists participating in AFC's Annual Exhibit in recognition of extraordinary artwork within the exhibit. Award selections are made by the Exhibit jury.
View the artwork.

Best in Show Award

This award is given annually to an artist whose artwork is selected for inclusion in AFC's annual juried exhibit, and is recognized by the exhibit judges to as the best artwork in the show for it's environmental statement and artistic representation. 
View the artwork.

Environmental Statement Award
AFC's Environmental Statement Award is awarded to an artist whose artwork is selected for inclusion in AFC's annual juried exhibit, and is recognized by the exhibit judges to convey a particularly poignant environmental message.
 View the artwork.

Conservation Artist of the Month Award
AFC's Conservation Artist Award is awarded monthly to honour an AFC member for outstanding artistic talent and extraordinary contribution to the conservation cause. At the end of each year, a past recipient of the monthly honour then has the opportunity to be considered for the annual Simon Combes Conservation Award. 
Visit the AFC website homepage.

2017 Award Recipients:
Best in Show:
Michael Dumas for his painting, "Sparrow's Rest",Rosetta for her sculpture, "Ancient Truce".
Medals of Excellence:
Michael Dumas for his painting, "Sparrow's Rest";James Fiorentino for his painting, "Portait of a Bighorn Sheep";Peter Gray for his painting, "Right Of Way";Martin Hayward-Harris for his sculpture, "Otter diving";Stephen Jesic for his painting, "Cockatoo Canapes";David Kitler for his painting, "The Web of Life";Karen Laurence-Rowe for her painting, "The Last Three";Bruce Lawes for his painting, "Restful Repose";Mary Louise O'Sullivan for her painting, "Four White Pelicans - Sebastian";Rosetta for her sculpture, "Ancient Truce"
Environmental Statement Awards:Harro Maass for his painting, "A Package from Africa";Kathleen Sheard for her sculpture, "You're Killing Me: Oceanic Assassins - Propellers and Plastic"
Simon Combes Conservation Award:
Mark Hobson received the Simon Combes Conservation Award.

2016 Award Recipients:
Best in Show:
David Kitler for his painting "Piece Keepers",Rosetta for her sculpture, "Awakening Pride".
Environmental Statement Award:
David Kitler for his painting "Piece Keepers"
Medals of Excellence:
Douglas Aja for his sculpture, "Football Buddies";Stephane Alsac for his painting, "Bad Lieutenant"; Julia Hargreaves for her painting, "Bird Bath";Hans Kappel for his painting, "Sleeping Fennec";David Kitler for his painting, "Piece Keepers";Bruce Lawes for his painting, "Savannah Siesta";Bruce Lawes for his painting, "All Tucked In";Leo Osborne for his painting, "Return to Turtle Island", andRosetta for her sculpture, "Awakening Pride".
Arabella Magazine Editor's Choice Award:
David Kitler for "Piece Keepers"
Simon Combes Conservation Award:
Guy Coheleach received the Simon Combes Conservation Award.

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