Safari Expedition

A Conservation Fundraising Safari with
Jackson's African Safaris

Proceeds to benefit Artists for Conservation and the Soysambu Lion/Boma Project 


Upcoming Safaris: Nov 2023 & March 2024

Attention artists, photographers and conservationists interested in traveling to Kenya in  November 2023. Join Timothy Jackson, owner of Jackson’s African Safaris; on an expedition-of-a-lifetime and help raise funds for two conservation organizations – Artists for Conservation and Soysambu Conservancy. To-date, there have been three successful fundraiser safaris, benefitting both organizations in 2019 and 2021 and 2022, Jackson's African Safaris are again offering a unique opportunity for artists, photographers and conservationists. 

Jackson's philosophy is "10% to Conservation" and "to leave Africa in better shape than we found it after every trip". To this end, they have also created a Carbon Neutral plan guests are encouraged to participate in. 

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  Contact Timothy Jackson for details:   +1-250-509-1039

About Soysambu Conservancy

Soysambu Conservancy, a non-profit organisation, works to conserve the Soysambu Estate as a traditional wildlife area, which supports the integrity of the greater Rift Valley eco-system, while promoting sustainable coexistence of wildlife with livestock and at the same time being relevant to and part of modern-day Kenya. Consisting of 48,000 acres of diverse ecological significance, Soysambu Conservancy is home to more than 450 bird species (28% of the world's population of Lesser Flamingo) and 10,000 mammals of over 50 species including 90+ Rothschild's Giraffe (10% of the world's population of this endangered species). Learn more about Soysambu

About the Soysambu Lion/Boma Project

The Boma project was started by Guy Combes, Kat Combes, and Guys friend Jamie Kirkaldy who set up the manufacturing workshop. A boma is a traditional cattle enclosure, used for centuries by the Maasai, and consists of a circular enclosure of impenetrable thorn and scrub branches secured to the ground. The cattle are moved in at night and kept watch by a herdsman. It's a tried and tested method that has been successful for millennia, but now with modern technology and materials, we have found a way to improve on it.

The cons of a traditional boma are that they cause a scar on the landscape that can take decades to heal. The soil within the boma becomes so denuded with overuse, that it remains visible long after the pastoralists are gone. Predators also become familiarized with them being in the same place, and the risk is greater of attack.oysambu's solution is a mobile boma, made of several steel and mesh gates, which can be staked into the ground in any suitable location; their size can be modified to suit the size of the herd (the cattle need to be packed in tight, because if they are loose and panic, the risk of injury is greater); they can be moved to a new location before the soil is denuded AND after it has been richly fertilized with manure; predators are less likely to familiarize themselves with the location. They are an all-round win win solution to the situation.

Each boma costs US $3000 to produce, and approximately 40 are needed to accommodate the roughly 5000 head of cattle on Soysambu. With 20 so far, Soysambu is  halfway to our goal. The boma project is one of many at Soysambu that urgently require funding.

Profits raised from this safari will buy at least one Boma for Soysambu and a contribution supporting Artists for Conservation programming.  

Jackson's African Safaris (JAS) is independently owned company. The Safaris are being wholly organized and operated by JAS.   


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