Dodge and Dumas Jointly Recognized in Leading Canadian Arts Magazine

Dodge and Dumas Jointly Recognized in Leading Canadian Arts Magazine

Most people in fine art circles would recognize internationally known Michael Dumas’ name in relationship to his outstanding talent as a painter of the natural world. What they will soon quickly become aware of is his exceptionally sensitive skills as a writer!  

Kelly Dodge and Michael Dumas, both long time members of the Artists for Conservation, have each been recently recognized in a unique way by one of Canada’s leading arts magazines.  The ‘Spring Awakenings’ issue of Arabella Magazine, the best of Canadian Art, Architecture and Design, has featured Kelly Dodge as an ‘Artist to Collect’ and Michael Dumas as the latest contributing writer to join their team!

The article, titled ‘COMMUNION’ is about Michael’s friend and fellow artist Kelly Dodge and focuses on her penchant for communicating with her wild subjects on a very personal level.  Written from a unique perspective this engaging article shares intimate insights into the inspiration behind Kelly’s paintings. It takes readers on a full circle journey with Kelly to the Galapagos Islands on her 2009 Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition and back home again. It clearly states  Kelly’s hope that by documenting the richness of life found both in Galapagos and here at home she desires to reflect environmental issues within a framework of personal experience, emotion and appreciative wonder. 

Arabella’s mission is to tell the story of Canada, as reflected in its art, architecture, design, people, businesses and lifestyles. The magazine plays a critical role in presenting Canadian artistic talent and culture to the widest possible audience across Canada and the USA. 

Arabella’s goal is to support and nurture aspiring, achieving and accomplished Canadian artistic talent by providing them with a significant and widely read platform to display their talent to the country while providing Canadian art consumers with an in-depth visual and editorial experience upon which to appreciate and collect art. 

The Spring Awakenings issue of Arabella is available until May 1st and can be purchased at Chapters, Indigo and Barnes and Nobels Book Stores across Canada and the U.S. 

To view live action of Kelly interacting with her friends from the great outdoors please visit her Youtube channel.

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