Book on Ria Winters' AFC Trip To Mauritius

AFC Flag Expedition 8: Ria Winters
AFC Flag Expedition book by Ria Winters on Flora and Fauna of Mauritius

Two years after the  Ria Winters Flag Expedition to Mauritius a beautiful full colour book has been published about the extinct and endemic fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues.

In 2009 Dutch artist Ria Winters visited Mauritius during the eight flag expedition 'Not the way of the Dodo'. The overall goal of her expedition was to bring particular attention to Mauritius and its wildlife, the geography of the island and the endemic species. The primary focus was on the Echo Parakeet, but also on highlighting the other endangered species, including the Pink Pigeon and Mauritius Kestrel who were all brought back from the brink of extinction.
The journey resulted in a body of work of more than thirty paintings, hundreds of photographs and the handwritten AFC journal. Two and a half years later the Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis – the capital of Mauritius - organized an exhibition with the theme "The last gong for the Dugong" showing paintings, sculptures and antique books of extinct and endangered species of the Mascarene islands. Thirty of Ria's paintings were exhibited. Together with the exhibition the book "A Treasury of Endemic Fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues" was launched. The book is both a catalogue of the paintings shown in the exhibition as well as a personal view of the artist on the local wildlife.The publication is a direct result of the AFC flag expedition and something to be really proud of. Learn more about Ria's Flag Expedtion.
The project purpose remains aimed at drawing attention to the tragedy of extinction, the significance of the loss of species, and the fragility of ecosystems such as those found on Mauritius. The publication of the book meets this goal. 1500 Copies were printed and are on sale all over the island.
The book is a true Mauritian cooperation: it was initiated by the Blue Penny Museum, edited and published by the Mauritian publisher Christian le Comte and sponsored by the Mauritius Commmercial Bank.


A Treasury of Endemic Fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues
ISBN 978-99949-30-11-1
Author and illustrator: Ria Winters
Published by: Christian le Comte Publisher, 2011
Size: 22 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 95, full colour
Price: 740 Mauritian Rupees (MUR)

How to order the book:
The book is available through the Blue Penny Museum in Mauritius.
The price is 740 MUR which is approximately the equivalent of 20 Euros, 25 USD or 16 GBP.

Please contact Mrs. Davina Rousselin, marketing and communication officer of the Blue Penny Museum for payment instructions and information about shipping and shipping costs.

The contact details of Mrs. Rousselin are:
Phone: (230)210-9204 or 210-8176
Fax: (230)210-9243


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