AFC Artists, Andrew Denman and Guy Combes Open First Joint Exhibition in UK

Old World - New World | Wildlife Art Exhibition by Guy Combes and Andrew Denman
Andrew Denman, Guy Combes

Internationally recognized artists Andrew Denman and Guy Combes open their first joint exhibition, "Old World-New World; the Wildlife Art of Guy Combes & Andrew Denman" August 7 - 26, 2012 at the Nature in Art Museum in Gloucester, UK.  

A joint exhibition of original artwork by two of the most notable young painters in the field of wildlife art today. These two artists work in distinctly different but complimentary styles.


Above: "High Hopes" by Guy Combes, Rothschild's Giraffes & Great White Pelicans,"Twist" by Andrew Denman, Palm Tanagers

Combes, a native of Kenya, uses oil and canvas to communicate his extensive knowledge of African Wildlife with an old master's technique, a novelist's love for dramatic narrative, and a 21st century eye for color and design. Denman, born and raised on the West Coast of the United States, approaches the wildlife of the New World, particularly birds, with the precision of a naturalist coupled with a thoroughly modern sensibility that allows for the abstract and descriptive to meld seamlessly in his acrylic on board compositions. The wildlife art genre today is in a state of flux, and Denman and Combes are among a new artistic vanguard bringing a fresh and creative approach to animal painting.

Old World-New World will consist of more than twenty original works of art representing the cutting edge of these two painters' artistic endeavors. Combes' body of work will focus on the wildlife of his beloved Kenya, from charismatic megafauna to the lesser known but equally remarkable denizens of one of Africa's most biologically rich landscapes. Denman's work will include diverse animal subjects from both North and South America, with special attention given to the bird life of Trinidad, where the artist visited in 2006 on a Society of Animal Artists grant.

Both Guy and Andrew will be participating in the Artists for Conservation 2012 Festival in Vancouver, BC from Oct 13 - 21st. Check the festival schedule for details.

An extraordinary documentary film of Guy's father, Simon Combes and his efforts to protect and capture in art Africa's endangered species premier at the AFC Festival. The Soysambu Legacy: Art and Conservation in Africa's Rift Valley documents Combes' passion for conserving some of Kenya's impressive wildlife areas, including Lake Nakuru National Park.

Learn more about Guy Combes and Andrew Denman.

Credit - All images and some text provided by the Old World - New World prospectus of Guy Combes and Andrew Denman.


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