Artist Videos

A Good Day on the River by Rob Dreyer
American Trout Fisherman by Rob Dreyer
Great Egret at Baynard Penninsula by Rob Dreyer
Legend of the Falls by Rob Dreyer
The Wayward Traveler by Rob Dreyer
High Country Bighorn by Rob Dreyer
Last Duck of the Day by Rob Dreyer
Paddling to a Different Drummer by Rob Dreyer
Barn Owl in the Old Barn by Rob Dreyer
Wintering Trumpeters by Rob Dreyer
Jerry Ragg Murals & Fine Art by Jerry Ragg
Tree's Memories - Spring by Kentaro Nishino
Tree's Memories - Fall by Kentaro Nishino
Tree`s Memories - Winter by Kentaro Nishino
Tree`s Memory by Kentaro Nishino
The Art of Kentaro Nishino by Kentaro Nishino
Savannah Mustangs by Rob Dreyer
Hiding in the Himalayas by Rob Dreyer
"Return of the Red Wolf" discussion by Rob Dreyer
KHarvill ART 20016 : Record-Breaking Year by Kitty Harvill
KHarvill ART 2015 : The Year in Review by Kitty Harvill
KHarvill ART 2014 : The Year in Review by Kitty Harvill
KHarvill ART 2013 : The Year in Review by Kitty Harvill
KHarvill ART 2012 : The Year in Review by Kitty Harvill
Hyacinth Macaws - Progress of a Painting by Kitty Harvill
A Beleza da Natureza by Kitty Harvill
30-Paintings-in-30-Days - The Reserva Bicudinho-do-Brejo by Kitty Harvill
Searching for the Mico-leão-de-cara-preta by Kitty Harvill
Um Sonho de um Papagaio/The Dream of a Parrot 2012 by Kitty Harvill
ABAYOMI, um Encontro Feliz - Launching by Kitty Harvill
Rose Demo by Sandra Strohschein
Eight minute real time landscape watercolor Painting by Sandra Strohschein
Riding for Rangas by Geraldine Simmons
CTV Interview with Jeff Whiting and Pollyanna Pickering by Pollyanna Pickering
Pollyanna Pickering - Wildlife Artist by Pollyanna Pickering
Pollyanna Pickering - Wildness by Pollyanna Pickering
Pollyanna Pickering -Create and Craft USA by Pollyanna Pickering
Paula's African Art Safari by Paula Wiegmink
Progress of a watercolour painting; 'Cheetah Alert' by Anne Corless
Keep Borneo Wild by Geraldine Simmons
Linus Galleries 2015 Realism Art Show by Geraldine Simmons
Nature 2014 Online Art Exhibition by Geraldine Simmons
Looking at the Bigger Picture by Geraldine Simmons
Painting in the Direct Method by Kathryn Weisberg
Solo Art Series Art Exhibition 2016 - Geraldine Simmons #4 by Geraldine Simmons
AFC Flag Expedition 8 by David N. Kitler
AFC Flag Expedition Video 7 by David N. Kitler
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