Artist Videos

Kambaku Art Safari 2023 by Alison Nicholls
First morning at Volunteer Point , Falklands by Candy McManiman
A Moment with Robert Glen by Robert Glen
Baby Elephant WanMai by Geraldine Simmons
Treating a Wild Rhino by Chloe Donovan
Giraffe Rescue Mission by Chloe Donovan
Hidden Worlds - Wild Birds exhibition 2019 by Zoë Evamy
How an Artist Saved the Mountain Gorilla by Jeffrey Whiting
Art & Conservation in the Caymans by Jeffrey Whiting
The Man with the Magic Brush by Mark Hobson
African Leopard Colored Pencil by Taylor Ivester
Interview with Michael Dumas - Part 2 by Michael Dumas
Endangered animals solo Exposition , Quebec City. 2021 by Lucie Theroux
Interview with Michael Dumas - Part 1 by Michael Dumas
Spencer Nickel - by Spencer Nickel
Exhibition of Paintings of wildlife of Pakistan by Ahsan & Kamran Qureshi, Chief Guest Speech by Kamran Qureshi
Stories from the Great Atlantic Forest Reserve by Kitty Harvill
Oil Painting by Ahsan Qureshi
Saving Obsolete Wind Turbine Rotor Blades from Landfills by Chris Navarro
Dixon Gallery Opening by Spencer Frazer
YWCA Video by Spencer Frazer
Thank you note to Collectors by Colin Starkevich
2020 Grassland Series Exhibition News Clip by Colin Starkevich
2022 Grassland Series Exhibition News Clip by Colin Starkevich
A Time Lapse Work in Progress of a Lioness Eye on Scratchboard by Geraldine Simmons
2020 KHarvill ART : Year-in-Review by Kitty Harvill
2019 KHarvill ART Year in Review by Kitty Harvill
2018 KHarvill ART by Kitty Harvill
2017 KHarvill ART : Year-in-Review by Kitty Harvill
Time lapse of a feather drawn on scratchboard by Geraldine Simmons
Wildscapes Foundation-Chem Chem Lion Project by John Banovich
John Banovich & the Wildscapes Foundation by John Banovich
In the World of Animals by Geraldine Simmons
"Spotlight" by Wayne Chunat
First Layer of Pigment-Let There Be Life! by Angela Manno
Gilding the Blue Iguana Icon by Angela Manno
Clay Application-Iguana by Angela Manno
Sentient Beings - A Close-up Look into the World of Animals through Portraiture by Geraldine Simmons
Contemporary Icons of Endangered Species Short Documentary by Angela Manno
Opening night - Sentient Beings Art exhibition by Geraldine Simmons by Geraldine Simmons
A Tiger Work in Progress by Geraldine Simmons
Birds in Art by Millie Plank
Popup Workshop by Millie Plank
High Desert Museum by Millie Plank
A Work in Progress of a Baby Orang-utan by Geraldine Simmons
Mother & Pup Sea Otter by Craig Benson
Sliding River Otter by Craig Benson
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