Lectures, Art Demos, Youth Workshops - AFC Festival is a Family Affair

A lot will be going on at the AFC Festival starting Nov 5. In addition to lectures and presentations by world class artists and conservationists, there are also several interactive youth workshops and live demos meant to inform young people on important conservation issues. Don't miss the opportunity to let your kids learn from some of the biggest names in nature and wildlife conservation. Here are just a few highlights:

Guy Combes, son of the late acclaimed wildlife artist and conservationist, Simon Combes, has lectured at Yale, helped to establish the Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya, and set up research programs for conservation biology students in Kenya.

Kelly Dodge is a signature member of AFC and recipient of the 2010 Artists for Conservation Medal of Excellence. She connects her journeys to exotic places like the Galapagos, with everyday backyard experiences from her Ontario home, to inspire students on how our relationship with nature can bring out the artist in us all.

Linda Dupuis-Rosen has used her wildlife watercolors to educate and fundraise for numerous conservation groups around the world. By sharing her reflections of wildlife and nature with others, she uses her art as a connection between conservationists and the general public.

This is just a small sample of the artists who will be giving youth workshops at the festival. Check out the full event schedule and presenters. Educating youth on important conservation issues is the key to improving our environmental stewardship as we move forward.

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