AFC Artist Edward Spera to Share Art Adventures with New Expedition Company

Internationally recognized wildlife artist and AFC member Edward Spera has spent over 30 years travelling the globe for up-close encounters with the subjects he paints. Edward recently established Big Cat Expeditions designed to maximize wildlife sightings, and big cats in mind, as they are offering tours with sighting guarantees for Tigers, Jaguars and Pumas. This year, we're pleased to announce that Big Cat Expeditions has become a sponsor of the upcoming AFC Festival.

For those of you who know Edward, he is not one to shy away from adventure and is full of positive energy. Edward explains, "I had my first photo safari in India and saw my first tiger... and it was a life-changing experience. For years now I've been travelling and making an enormous number of contacts with great people in some of the most amazing places. Big Cat Expeditions offers and brings together my experience, contacts and knowledge to offer what an artist wants. The rush of seeing some of the world’s most iconic animals in their natural habitat is pure adrenaline. I cringe at the idea of a “quick, take a picture, we need to get to the next thing” tour. I’ve never done it and never will. I’ve always wanted the flexibility to be patient and make the most of an amazing encounter. This is the basis of Big Cat Expeditions. We treat all trips like they are our own, making that “ok opportunity” the best opportunity possible. As a fellow wildlife artist, I know what you are looking for"

The name says Big Cat, but the range of wildlife is very diverse. The tours also include amazing cultural elements of the countries of travel. Each Big Cat Expedition trip is designed as safe as possible, as economical as possible and saturated with wildlife opportunities. Big Cat also has a Tiger, Jaguar and Puma sighting guarantee. 

An ardent supporter of conservation, Edward has been a member of artists for conservation for nearly two decades. Edward asserts, "An important part of what we do is to support the wildlife and places we visit. On each trip, a portion of each tour booked goes to a conservation program within country of travel."

AFC members receive a 5% discount on all tours.

Artists interested in networking with Edward and finding out more about Big Cat Expeditions, please visit  Or, come and meet Edward in person at the AFC Festival, September 27-29 in Vancouver, where Edward will be demonstrating his art.

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