AFC Announces 2012 Exhibit Roster of Artists

Vancouver, BC., CANADA - July 16, 2012 - Artists for Conservation (AFC) is proud to announce the list of 2012 exhibiting AFC Signature Member artists accepted into the Artists for Conservation Exhibit - the world's top conservation-themed exhibit and sale. This is AFC's 5th annual exhibition of Members' artworks and second annual exhibit to open in Vancouver, BC. The exhibit officially opens on October 13, 2012 at Grouse Mountain Resort, 4,000 feet above the city and overlooking the Pacific coast.

Artists for Conservation comprises a membership of 500 of the world's most gifted nature artists from 27 countries, across five continents. Dedicated to nurture, promote and leverage its world-class community of artists in support of our natural world, of these artists nearly 140 have been juried into the AFC 2012 Exhibit, representing over 200 artworks. Of these, approximately 80 artists with 90 artworks will be exhibiting at the live exhibit opening in Vancouver from eleven countries including USA, Canada, Peru, Australia, France, South Africa, Japan, UK, Germany, Holland and Kenya.

"Artists have always been at the forefront of conservation," says Whiting, President & Founder of AFC. "The artwork in the exhibit is for sale and ranges from $500 to $90,000. All of the artists featured in the show are lending their talent to support wildlife and habitat conservation, with a percentage of proceeds from their artwork benefiting the conservation organization of their choice."

Artists whose work is included in the live exhibit in Vancouver are indicated in bold.

Adair, Sue (USA) Harvey, Guy (USA) Paul, Jeremy (UK)
Aguirre, Luis (Peru) Hayward-Harris, Martin (UK) Pepin, Patricia (Canada)
Aja, Douglas (USA) Heaton, Janet (USA) Peyton, Anne (USA)
Alleman, Carol (USA) Hobson, Edward (USA) Pickering, Pollyanna (UK)
Bach, Del-Bourree (USA) Hobson, Mark (Canada) Popp, Betsy (USA)
Bailey, Tucker (USA) Holt, Mary Louise (USA) Prehn, Esther (South Africa)
Ballantyne, Sheila (Canada) Hughes, Mike (UK) Qiu, Ji (Australia)
Berner, Sally (USA) Hultberg, Karen (USA) Rentsch, Werner (USA)
Besse, Linda (USA) Jackman, Pat (USA) Reuter-Twining, Diana (USA)
Billingsley, Cindy (USA) Jammer, Clint (Canada) Rogers, Valerie (Canada)
Boyce, Peta (Australia) Jesic, Stephen (Australia) Rosetta (USA)
Brest van Kempen, Carel (USA) Johnson, David (Canada) Rossin, Linda (USA)
Bruynzeel, Renata (Australia) Johnson, Kevin (Canada) Rusin, Len (USA)
Caitens, Michelle (Australia) Kamin, Jason (Canada) Sainsbury, Jonathan (UK)
Cameron, Clarence (USA) Kappel, Hans (Germany) Sandau, Gerald (Canada)
Carretta, Roy (Canada) Kitler, David (Canada) Schafer, Sharon K. (USA)
Chadwick, Gloria (USA) Knapp, Christine (USA) Schlenker, Robert (USA)
Chunat, Wayne (USA) Koensgen, Joseph (Canada) Scotchford, Judy (Australia)
Coheleach, Guy (USA) Kopeschny, Barbara (Canada) Seerey-Lester, John (USA)
Combes, Guy (Kenya) Kruijt, Marjolein (The Netherlands) Seerey-Lester, Suzie (USA)
Cooke, Brent (Canada) LaFogg-Docherty, Deborah (USA) Shachter, Steve (USA)
Crouter, Anni (USA) Latas, Pat (USA) Sharkey Thomas, J. (Canada)
Dache, Christian (France) Latham, Bonnie (USA) Shaw, Nigel (Canada)
Davis, Daniel (USA) Latham, Karen (USA) Simmons, Geraldine (Australia)
Denman, Andrew (USA) Latham, Rebecca (USA) Slingenberg, Alex (The Netherlands)
Diment, Kim (USA) Laurence-Rowe, Karen (Kenya) Solberg, Morten (USA)
Dodge, Kelly (Canada) Lindamood, Patsy (USA) Sorley-Keichinger, Cindy (Canada)
Dreyer, Rob (USA) Lofgreen, John (USA) Spera, Edward (Canada)
Dumas, Michael (Canada) Maass, Harro (Germany) Stanley, Eva (USA)
Dunn, Kathleen (USA) Mann, Karla (USA) Susinno, Mark (USA)
Dunphy, Kathleen (USA) Mark-Finberg, Laura (USA) Sutton, Linda (USA)
Dupeyrat, Corinne (France) Mascall, Natalie (UK) Taylor, Mary (USA)
DuPuis-Rosen, Linda (USA) McCune, Michelle (USA) Temple, Sandra (Australia)
Ellison, Lyn (Australia) McHuron, Gregory (USA) Theriault, Colette (Canada)
Evans, Leslie (USA) McManiman, Candy (Canada) Tremblay, France (Canada)
Feltner, Linda (USA) Megahan, John (USA) Trepanier, Cory (Canada)
Fisher, Cynthie (USA) Middleton, Kim (USA) Walden, Christopher (USA)
Forest, Crista (USA) Milligan, Billy-Jack (Canada) Weiler, Dale (USA)
Frolking, Chris (USA) Morvell, Steve (Australia) Wheeler, Rick (USA)
Gallup, David (USA) Mulder, Frans (South Africa) White, Taylor (USA)
Gates, Martin (USA) Munkittrick, Dianne (USA) Whiting, Jeffrey (Canada)
Gray, Peter (South Africa) Murray, Robin (USA) Wicks, Derek (Canada)
Griffin, Patricia (USA) Murtha, Sean (USA) Winters, Ria (The Netherlands)
Hamanaka, Setsuo (Japan) Nishino, Kentaro (Japan) Woodall, Terry (USA)
Hamilton, Lorna (UK) Nordwall, Solveig (Canada) Zimic, Tricia (USA)
Harris, John (USA) Orlando, Ron (USA)  
Hartke, Judith (USA) Parsons, Victoria (USA)

The artwork was selected by a virtual jury consisting of AFC Member artists; Brent Cooke, Kathleen Dunphy, David Rankin, John Seerey-Lester, and Ken Stroud (Editor of Wildscape Magazine) and Todd Wilkinson (Editor of Wildlife Art Journal). "Thank you to our jury for their generous contribution of time and expertise toward making the 5th annual AFC exhibit the strongest yet.", Whiting comments, "We're also very proud to have developed a jury system that is as objective and fair as possible." Jurors from the exhibit use a simple grading system for all artwork, and do so independently and anonymously, without knowledge of who other jurors are until after jurying is complete. The average scores by the jurors results in a ranking of artwork, which determines the exhibit composition. Awards are also based on the top ranking artworks. In the event that one of the jurors is an artist with an artwork in the exhibit, they simply abstain from scoring their work, thereby avoiding any influence on the results.


Owl Alert! - by Hans Kappel | AFC 2012 Exhibit Gila Monster by Eva Stanley | AFC 2012 Exhibit  
Owl Alert! - Painting by Hans Kappel Gila Monster - Sculpture by Eva Stanley  

AFC congratulates all artists who have been selected for the 2012 Artists for Conservation Exhibit. The exhibit will open to a special preview guest audience at AFC's Annual Fundraiser Gala on October 12th, providing a first opportunity for guests and purchase the artworks on exhibition before the show officially opens to the wider public on October 13, 2012.

Image Credit: Painting featured at the top of this article: "Victoria Falls" by Guy Coheleach.

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