2023 AFC Exhibiting Artists Announced

Vancouver, BC CANADA - 30 May, 2023 - Artists for Conservation is pleased to announce the 2023 juror's selection of artworks in the 16th annual AFC Exhibit. The exhibit features 200 artworks by 172 artists from 14 countries, including Australia, Canada, Cayman Islands, France, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA. 

The AFC exhibit is the world's top conservation-themed art exhibit and sale supporting conservation. Artwork in the exhibit is for sale and ranges in price from $500 to $50,000. Between 35% to 100% of proceeds from each artwork sold, benefits conservation and environmental education, and each artwork is dedicated to supporting a conservation organization of the artist's choice.

To offer a greater opportunity for inclusiveness, particularly for artists who live in locations where the costs of shipping to Canada are prohibitive, artists were given the option to participate in the virtual exhibit only.

87 artists' works supporting conservation will premiere for sale in Vancouver, BC this September 21-24 at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in partnership with Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver Botanical Garden Association.

Many of the exhibiting artists will be present for the opening weekend for special events, and to provide programming – special lectures, live painting demonstrations and much more.

Thank you to our jury for their generous contribution of time and expertise. Jurors in this year's exhibit included:

  • Brent Cooke - AFC Signature Member & Board Member, past Director of Royal BC Museum (Canada);
  • Kitty Harvill - AFC Signature Member and Recipient of the Simon Combes Conservation Award (Brazil/USA);
  • Marie McGhee – Director, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute (USA);
  • Rosslyn Shipp – Executive Director, Cumberland Museum (Canada);
  • Debra Usher - Editor/Publisher of Arabella Magazine (Canada);

AFC congratulates all artists who have been selected for this year's Artists for Conservation Exhibit. 

Douglas Aja (USA) Anne London (USA)
Don Alemany (Canada) Emily Lozeron (Canada)
Cher Anderson (USA) Jan Lutz (USA)
Walt Anderson (USA) Janet Luxton (Australia)
Rosemarie Armstrong (Canada) Pete Marshall (Australia)
Michael Ashley (USA) Gabrielle Matlock (USA)
Del-Bourree Bach (USA) Chris McClelland (Australia)
Priscilla Baldwin (USA) Sarah Dier-McComb (Canada)
Patricia Banks (Canada) Michelle McCune (USA)
John Banovich (USA) Jeffrey McDaniel (USA)
Suzanne Barrett Justis (USA) Candy McManiman (Canada)
Suzanne Belair (Canada) Vickie McMillan (USA)
Michaelann Bellerjeau (USA) Kelly McNeil (Canada)
Randall Bennett (USA) ken meyer (USA)
Linda Besse (USA) Kim Middleton (USA)
Lucrezia Beerli-Bieler (USA) Autumn Morrison (Canada)
Cindy Billingsley (USA) Dianne Munkittrick (USA)
Peter Blackwell (Kenya) Moa Naalisvaara Engman (Sweden)
Sheryl Boivin (Canada) Ken Nash (Canada)
Lynn Branson (Canada) Terri Neal (USA)
Varda Breger (Israel) Susan Neilson (Canada)
Carel Brest van Kempen (USA) Calvin Nicholls (Canada)
Warren Brown (Canada) Spencer Nickel (USA)
Holly Cannon (USA) Margaret Pardy (Canada)
Laara Cassells (Canada) Natalie Parker (Australia)
Kim Chase (Canada) Matt Patterson (USA)
Guy Combes (USA) Gordon Pembridge (New Zealand)
RoseMarie Condon (Canada) Patricia Pepin (Canada)
Carrie Cook (USA) Denneen Peterson (USA)
Brent Cooke (Canada) Anne Peyton (USA)
Bryan Coombes (Canada) Melinda Plank (USA)
Lynden Cowan (Canada) Betsy Popp (USA)
Anni Crouter (USA) Ji Qiu (Australia)
Dennis Curry (USA) Wendy Quirt (Canada)
Daniel Davis (USA) Luke Raffin (Canada)
Nick Day (UK) Laurie Riley (USA)
Kelly Dodge (Canada) William Ritchie (Australia)
Mike Donnelly (UK) Valerie Rogers (Canada)
Chloe Donovan (UK) Ashley Roll (Canada)
Rob Dreyer (USA) Rosetta (USA)
Michael Dumas (Canada) Len Rusin (USA)
Kathleen E. Dunn (USA) Eleazar Saenz (Mexico)
Kathleen Dunphy (USA) Karryl Salit (USA)
Vicky Earle (Canada) Alexandra Saunders (USA)
Aga Elliott (USA) Louise Saunders (Australia)
Mary Erickson (USA) Sharon K. Schafer (USA)
Elizabeth Evans (Canada) Robert Schlenker (USA)
Kristen Federchuk (Canada) Suzie Seerey-Lester (USA)
Geoffrey Feng (Canada) John Serediuk (Canada)
Cynthie Fisher (USA) Geraldine Simmons (Australia)
Garry Fleming (Australia) Chris Sloan (USA)
Spencer Frazer (USA) Karin Snoots (USA)
David Gallup (USA) Elisabeth Sommerville (Canada)
monica gewurz (Canada) Cindy Sorley-Keichinger (Canada)
Bobby Goldsboro (USA) Edward Spera (Canada)
Sophie Green (UK) Laurene Spino (Canada)
Patricia Griffin (USA) Colin Starkevich (Canada)
Dr. Elke Gröning (Germany) Lynn Stephenson (USA)
John Guiseppi (USA) Carol Stratman (Canada)
Gemma Gylling (USA) Judy Studwell (USA)
Ashley Habernal (Canada) Mark Susinno (USA)
Janet Hanofee (USA) Linda Sutton (USA)
Joshua Hansen (Canada) Ray Swirsky (Canada)
Guy Harvey (Cayman Islands) Tammy Taylor (Canada)
Kitty Harvill (USA) Rich Tesner (USA)
Doug Hiser (USA) Martha Thompson (USA)
Mark Hobson (Canada) Chirag Thumbar
Diana Hoehlig (Switzerland) Nancy Tome (USA)
Karen Hudgin (Canada) Jonathan Truss (UK)
Margaret Ingles (Australia) Joyce Trygg (Canada)
Tammy Irvine (USA) Christine Tunnoch (Canada)
Rachel Ivanyi (USA) Robert VandenDool (Canada)
Carlyn Iverson (USA) Rosana Venturini (USA)
Pat Jackman (USA) Diane Versteeg (USA)
Stephen Jesic (Australia) Ken Wallin (USA)
Mary Jane Jessen (Canada) Frank Walsh (USA)
Megan Kissinger (USA) Nelda Warkentin (USA)
Kathy Kleinsteiber (USA) Katherine Weber (USA)
Christine Knapp (USA) Cathy Weiss (USA)
Joseph Koensgen (Canada) Cindy Weitzel (Canada)
Pat Latas (USA) Rick Wheeler (USA)
Bruce Lawes (Canada) Jeffrey Whiting (Canada)
Sandi Lear (Australia) Paula Wiegmink (Australia)
Johanna Lerwick (USA) Donna Wilson (Canada)
Sailev (France) Ellen Woodbury (USA)
Patsy Lindamood (USA) Kimberly Wurster (USA)


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  • "Dignity" painting by Michael Ashley
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