Cher Anderson

Clone of Joyce Trygg

Cher Anderson was born in 1962, in Kingston, New York, raised in Mexico City and greatly influenced by the culture and the country's vast number of pioneering artists such as Frida Kahlo, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Guillermo Zuñiga and so many more, both present and past. During her teenage years, she was relocated to Texas where she began showing an interest in fine arts, mostly painting. Through self-instruction, she achieved having several one-woman shows including an invitation to the City of Chihuahua, Mexico by the governor, where she had a one woman exhibit in 1989. 

Her art focused on the beauty of women and strength of animals trying to see through their eyes and making them the focus of her work. Learning new mediums such as acrylics and perfecting her technique in watercolors to achieve realism and interpret the encounter with the beautiful creature have now launch me forward in the art world. In 2002, John and Cher Anderson founded and helped build the largest MLM Health Company in the world, now in over 16 countries. Their retirement has now allowed the opportunity and time to return to her passion, dedicate herself to perfecting and promoting her work while giving back to many wildlife conservation organizations as well as having a giraffe rescue on their ranch in Chandler, Arizona.