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Terry Woodall

Terry Woodall Presents Nerpa Sculpture at TBI Event

Along with being honored as their featured artist, Terry donated his nerpa sculpture 'Low Sodium', a swimming Baikal Seal, for the event's silent auction. After a long bidding war, Jerry Goodman sealed the deal, taking home the art piece created from myrtlewood and inspired by Terry's artistic field study to Lake Baikal, Russia.
The Tahoe -Baikal Institute provided logistical assistance for the Artists for Conservation's 7th Flag Expedition to Lake Baikal, where Terry studied the world's only freshwater seal species.

Woodall Featured Artist at Tahoe-Baikal Institute Event

Along with being honored as their featured artist, Terry is donating 'Low Sodium', a sculpture of a swimming Baikal Sea, for the event's silent auction. The institute provided logistical assistance for the Artists for Conservation's 7th Flag Expedition to Lake Baikal, Russia, where Terry studied the world's only freshwater seal species.

Wildscape Magazine

The premier wildlfe art magazine of Great Britain includes a photo feature on the art of Terry Woodall in an article titled "Seeing Things in the Wood", June 2009 issue.

Sea Life Salt Free, Bonneville to Baikal

Woodall Flag Expedition Artwork

Touching upon anomalies of nature, this exhibit focuses on both Northwest sea life dancing between salt water and freshwater pursuits, and the world's only freshwater seal species of Lake Baikal, Russia.
A thousand miles from any salt water ocean, the Baikal Seal inhabits the world's deepest lake, which holds one fifth of the earth's freshwater. This destination and its unique seals were the subject of the 7th AFC Flag Expedition, and twenty per cent of sales of the resulting sculpture will go to conservation efforts for the seals.

Terry Woodall at Irkutsk Nature Museum

Follow-on of Flag Expedition #7

Myrtlewood wildlife sculptures of the salmon, eagle, and seals were exhibited by the Nature Museum in the Russian city of Irkutsk during the AFC Flag Expedition field study of the Lake Bakail Seal. At the culmination of the exhibit and field study, Terry presented seal sculptures as a token of appreciation and encouragement to those organizations that have worked hard on behalf of the Baikal Seal and the protection of its environment. Those organizations that were acknowledged are Baikal Wave, Great Baikal Trail, Tahoe-Baikal Institute and the Nature Museum.

Oregon Sculptor to Study Rare Seal of Lake Baikal, Russia

Terry Woodall wins Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition Fellowship to research unique freshwater species of seal.

Vancouver, B.C., CANADA - (April 22, 2008) - The Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC), is pleased to announce its seventh fellowship involving a grant of $5,000 US, under the AFC Flag Expeditions Program, awarded to wildlife artist Terry Woodall, of North Bend, Oregon, USA. The objective of the Program is to make possible the artistic field study and rendering of rare and endangered species or habitats deserving of greater public attention, particularly in remote parts of the world.

Woodall Awarded Best in Marine Wildlife Show

Parkinson wins Best in Water Media

The Mendocino Art Center awarded "Surfing the School" best in show for their Fifth Annual Marine Wildlife Exhibit. The show is February 27 through March 29, at the Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, California.

Also Linda Parkinson watercolor "The Promise" was awarded Best in Water Media This is the second year in a row Linda's work has received this award.

Portland Art Museum Event Supports Salmon

"Salmon for the Sandy" salmon sculpture renditions by Northwest artists, including two by Terry Woodall, were auctioned at a gala event October 24 at the Portland Art Museum. The fundraiser project, spearheaded by the Western Rivers Conservancy, finalized the removal of all dams on the Sandy River near Portland, Oregon, once again restoring salmon and steelhead spawning grounds to the headwaters of the river.

Salmon for the Sandy

Two artist renditions by Terry Woodall were selected for the "Salmon for the Sandy" art event benefiting salmon recovery and protection projects.

Woodall Awarded at San Dimas Western Art Exhibition

"Gladiator of the Glade" by Terry Woodall was awarded the silver medal for sculpture at the 2007 San Dimas Western Art Exhbition, San Dimas, California. The piece depicts a Bull Elk in a forest setting of natural wood forms, entirely carved from a single myrtlewood segment.

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