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whenua Hou

Arrival at Whenua Hou!

Artists for Conservation

11 April 2014

Arrival! Hoki mai!

At long last, the day has come to depart for the beautiful sanctuary island of Whenua Hou.The day dawned clear and cold in Invercargill, open skies with whispy cirrus clouds. No wind!


The first stage was arrival at the quarantine store, where all gear, persons and supplies were minutely inspected for seeds, soil, rodents, insects and other contamination. The entire process for 2 volunteers was about two hours.




Codfish Island, Southland, NZ
New Zealand

Anticipation and Anxiety

Artists for Conservation

The 14th Flag Expedition (me!) is scheduled to depart the dusty Sonoran Desert in the first week of April, 2014. Arrival to be in the Southern Hemisphere, green and wet, a different season, a different hemisphere, a different date. The plans are in place, the arrangements made, the permits secured--yet the wait is fraught with anxiety as well as excitement.

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