Day 3 - Golden Monkeys

Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition 11

Up bright and early today to see the Golden Monkeys. A little frustrating as we had sketchy access to internet connection (was unable to post anything before losing the connection). We had a trickle of cold water for shower and toilets that take 4 hours to refill for the next flush. Interesting. I had a great sleep though. No matter... we were headed for a hike in the foothills of the volcano Sabinyo. The skies cleared by late morning and we even caught a disant glimpse of Mt. Mikeno, that we will be climbing on Saturday.

Day 2 - Touch-down in Kigali

Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition 11

November 23: Our first 24 hours in Rwanda was also a first lesson in flexibility. We arrived at Kigali airport just shy of midnight, Kigali time. A short walk across the tarmack we couldn't help but notice that the temperature and humidity were a perfect comfort level, jet exhaust aside.

Golden Monkeys

Artists for Conservation

Golden Monkeys - Wednesday - 11/24 - Today was a phenomenal day! After an early rise we set out across vast open agricultural fields with morning sunlight raking the high peaks of all the Virunga volcanoes surrounding us. Sabinyo's jagged peaks were glorious in the morning sun. We hired a driver, Pascal, who picked us up in a nice Toyota Landcruiser and chauffeured us in search of an animal endemic to the Virunga massif.

Hotel Rwanda

Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition 11

11/23/10 - Woke up well rested this morning to the songs of bulbuls and grey sparrows around the hotel in Kigali. After breakfast, we hired a driver, named Alex, a duel citizen of Rwanda and DRC to drive us up to Rweungeri in his vintage landrover.

Passing out of Kigali, we stopped at the Hotel des Milles Collines, the hotel made famous in the movie "Hotel Rawanda". You know, all the people we have met and dealt with are so sweet and kind. It is hard to imagine anything bad ever having happened here.

On The Road

We made it through Amsterdam to Nairobi and now we're about to board our plane to Kigali. Spent the trip reading Jay Kirk's new book "Kingdom Under Glass" - a great read! If you are interested in Carl Akeley, get a copy. I also have Penelope Bodry-Sanders "African Obssesion" and Carl Akeley's own "My Brightest Africa" along for inspiration as well as William R. Leigh's "Frontiers of Enchantment". Well, the announcement to board the plane has come through - gotta go. It's good to be back in Africa! SQ   P.S. Sean Murtha, congrats on being the AFC artist of the day! You rock! P.P.S.

Ready to Roll in Rwanda

Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition 11

11/21 - Today, after months of planning and preparation, including a new AFC website and blog (set up just in time for the trip), we're down to the final hours before flying to Africa. I will be joining Stephen Quinn on his Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition to Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo to study the endangered Mountain Gorilla and retrace the steps of the famous explorer/artist, Carl Akeley. Joining us as well for much of the expedition is videographer/director, Will Richardson. Will and I arrived in NJ yesterday and are building on each others' excitement!

Adventure of a Lifetime Upon Us

Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition

Well, the adventure of a lifetime is upon us. My two travel companions, Jeff Whiting, President and founder of AFC and Will Richardson, our videographer and wildlife photographer, will be flying down from Canada tomorrow, to stay with us for the night. I couldn't ask for better partners in travel, both seasoned in travel and the outdoors, flexible to challenges that abide in wilderness treks, and both are blessed with a good sense of humor - always essential on the trail. My wife, Linda, will be making us a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, as I will be away from the family for the holiday.

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