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May 14, 2014 share
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Taogna was in trouble.


Taonga was hatched in 2011. A female kakapo chick is very valuable to the future of the kakapo as a species. As a three-year old chick, she was routinely monitored via her transmitter backpack and various weighing stations. A loss of weight was noted, and rangers were sent out to bring her back.


At the headquarters, she was examined and found to be severely underweright and in poor body condition. She was palced in the care facility, and a series of diagnostic tests were collected.


Unfortunately, kakapos do not feed on their own when held in small enclosures and require tube feeding several toimes a da. And in addition, Taonga was in critical condition and required extra calories and hydration. She was statrte on crop tube-feeding and subcutaneous fluids.


These sketches are to illustrate the anatomy of the upper body of the kakapo and placement of a crop tube.







placement of the tube


Taonga was airlifted to the mainland for ICU, radiuography and more tests. Unfortunately she died in the night. Results of post-mortem examination and histopathology were pending at the time of this blog entry. This is a terrible tragedy and a true loss of a treasure.


Codfish Island, Southland, New Zealand
New Zealand
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