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Patricia Latas
April 29, 2014 share
Artists for Conservation

13 April 2014

With all the diversions and interesting things going on, time is ticking away and I am ready to get on with some serious art work.


Field sketching is a good base for all illustration. Supplemental (but not professional) photography is integral to proper scientific illustration, so in truth I have already begun!


It is difficult to start on any one project, as the warm and dry part of the hut is also filled with curious rangers and volunteers, who (rightfully) wonder what exactly an artist does, how they do it, and why I am on the island at all. Since I am more than willing to share, and give informal lessons and lectures on techniques and materials, getting any real productive work done is nearly impossible. Plus the main table is also the repair bench, computer counter, eating space, data entry and main socializing area.


So, a solution with pros and cons: I set up a temporary work space in the bunkroom. Pros: I was alone as the other people in the bunkhouse were out most of the night and much of the day; cons, no heat and it was pretty cold in there. But even a couple hours in the icebox everyday and I could accomplish at least very basic sketching and documentation without interuption.


With generally fine weather, some of the day was spent on the trails and some in the bunkhouse. I interuppted my art schedule to attend the hand-feeding sessions with the kakapo chicks, health exams of the adults, and to observe some interesting projects that had nothing to do with kakapo at all.



Lisa1, the first day I met him, 12 April 2014

Lisa1 on the first day I met him, 12 April 2014

Quick sketches of the chicks

Quick sketches Of Rakiura2 on 13 April 2013


Kakapo feathers

Taonga, a 3 year old female Kakapo


Codfish Island, Southland, NZ
New Zealand
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