Hurrah for Huhana!

Patricia Latas
May 15, 2014 share

Huhana, a female Kakapo, hatched in 2009. This was a huge year for Kakapo Recovery Team, a bumper crop of 33 chicks!


At five years old, she is the youngest Kakapo mother recorded, and the first hand-reared chick to reproduce. Her mother is Esperance, active in this year--2014--breeding as well and the star of the internet nestcam; her father was Whiskas, recently deceased. Huhana had a rough start to her own life. She needed veterinary attention and surgery as a young chick, and was returned to Whenua Hou after healing.


Huhana with her baby. Photo credit Kakapo Recovery


Her mother, Esperance, has a lot of Experience and success as a parent, and evidently passed that on to her daughter. Huhana was originally given dummy eggs while her own 2 were incubated in the hand-rearing facility; Her first egg hatched but the baby diod not survive. Huhana 2 was given to a foster mother for a while, then taken back to the incubator when not thriving as expected. Meanwhile, Huhana was raising Rakiura2 as a foster mom. THEN Huhana was given her own chick, Huhana2 in addition to Rakiura2 to see if she could raise them both. Huhana2 was a boistrous chick, and took over all of Huhana's attention, so back down the hill went Raki2 where she grew into a rowdy and sturdy chick--in company with the famous Lisa1. Confusing? Well, a little...but Huhana had the opportunity to raise her very own chick and at last word the litlle thing is now a strapping stroppy youngster!



Whenua Hou, Southland, NZ
New Zealand
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