The Future of Kakapo

Patricia Latas
May 15, 2014 share

My deep and heartful thanks and gratitude go to ALL members of the Kakapo Recovery Team. I was blessed to have an opportunity to return to Whenua Hou in 2014.I will always treasure the honor of meeting the kakapo, and hopefully, contributing to their futre in some tiny way.

Thank you to Artists for Conservation, who found it fitting to fund an expedition to Whenua Hou, and publish the plight and perils of the Kakapo.

Knowing that in spite of huge odds against them, the Kakapo Recovery Team has dedicated countless hours to saving this unique and irreplaceable parrot of the night. I have never met more hard-working, exhausted, and compassionate people.

Because of heartless and ignorant political machinations, and blundering governmental mis-management, The Department of Conservation in NZ suffered what is know as "restructuring". That translates into a huge budget cut. And because of short-sighted and ignorant politicians, the endangered Kakapo is at huge risk of extinction AGAIN. And NOT from natural causes.

The Kakapo Team has had enormous success and has given hope to a species that was officially declared extinct. But now, the program depends heavily on even fewer staff; and those people are burdened with extra work duties that are not associated with the kakapo; they are exhausted and on the verge of burn-out. The program depends ever more heavily on volunteers.

It is not always fun, or easy, or happy. Very sad things happen. Hard work is washed away. Staff has to leave or is reassigned. Volunteers are over-extended. And the Kakapo are the victims of it all.

The kakapo can be saved. The solution is simple: MONEY. And unless a mega-billionaire steps in, that money will come from the citizens of NZ, and the citizens of the world. You and I are going to have to save this bird. We cannot depend on ANY governemnt.

Help. That is my message to you. Contribute directly to saving the Kakapo. BUY KAKAPO ARTWORK. Donate your time. Follow Sirocco Kakapo and Kakapo Recovery on Facebook and Twitter.








Special thanks to:

Daryl Eason


Deidre Vercoe


Jo Ledington


Karen Arnold


And not last nor least, the many rangers, volunteers, iwi, and local people that support the program.

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