Day 3 - Golden Monkeys

Jeffrey Whiting
November 25, 2010 share
Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition 11

Up bright and early today to see the Golden Monkeys. A little frustrating as we had sketchy access to internet connection (was unable to post anything before losing the connection). We had a trickle of cold water for shower and toilets that take 4 hours to refill for the next flush. Interesting. I had a great sleep though. No matter... we were headed for a hike in the foothills of the volcano Sabinyo. The skies cleared by late morning and we even caught a disant glimpse of Mt. Mikeno, that we will be climbing on Saturday.

Got some great footage of the monkeys. Will captured numerous great photos, and Steve sketched in his journal. We make a good team it seems and was a great taster for our first Gorilla trek tomorrow am.

Following an excellent steak and mushroom lunch at our hotel restaurant, we hiked over to nearby MGVP headquarters for some enlightening conversation with several dedicated staff.

As we arrived back at the hotel, we learned that toilets now only take 3 hours to recharge, and hot water was in the process of heating... a step forward I suppose. Power and water had been off much of the afternoon as well.

Our day wrapped up with a "coctail session" to review accomplishments of the day and lessons learned. As Steve and Will blogged over gin and tonics, I attempted to cut through some remaining red tape that still stands between me and my return Rwanda visit. By the time I was ready to do this blog, power was out, internet connection was lost again and we were served our dinner.

Despite the challenges, which are admittedly distracting, I'm extremely excited about our first gorilla trek tomorrow, and even more about the epic journey up the steep slopes of Mt. Mikeno in DRC.

Power is out again. Wish I had more in me to write but it will have to wait.. - Jeff

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