AFC Mourns the Passing of Pollyanna Pickering

April 4, 2018 share
Artists for Conservation

Sadly, Pollyanna Pickering passed away on March 29, 2018, following a short illness. With her passing, we have lost a great artist, passionate and generous wildlife conservationist. She was a big part of the AFC community over the years and will be deeply missed by her friends and colleagues at Artists for Conservation.

As recently as August, 2017, Pollyanna joined a delegation of AFC artists to Qingdao, China to participate in the first AFC Festival and exhibit there. In 2012, was awarded AFC's top honor - the Simon Combes Conservation award, recognizing her lifetime of support for conservation through her artistic talents. In 2014, she took on the honorary role as Artists for Conservation Festival Patron.

In March 2007, Pollyanna became one of the first recipients of an  AFC Flag Expedition grant and became the first western artist to comprehensively document Bhutan's wildlife and habitat in a series of 50 paintings. The journey served to support the conservation of the rare and unique flora and fauna of the remote Himalayan country. 

Pollyanna was one of Europe's best known and most published artists, Pollyanna spent much of her time travelling the world with her daughter and business partner, Anna-Louise. Together the two visited and documented through art and photography, some of of the most remote and exotic remaining wildernesses and threatened species of wildlife. The trips inspired a number of critically acclaimed exhibitions, as well as a series of highly successful talks. Pollyanna and Anna-Louiose were the first western women ever to reach a remote area of the Tibetan borderlands, where they worked in a hospital for sick pandas, helping to rear an orphaned baby panda.

Pollyanna travelling by dog sled to paint polar bears, and braved the heat of rain forests of central America, the jungles of India and plains of Africa in search of big cats. She travelled the deserts and mountains of North America, the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, home to the world's largest remaining population of European wolves, and in January 2005 into the Siberian wastelands of Russia's Far East where she joined a team of russian scientitsts radio-tracking Amur Tigers.

Pollyanna was an award-winning public speaker and would typically spend over 100 evenings each year giving presentations throughout the UK to help raise awareness of the plight faced by many of the world's threatened species, and raise additional funds for her Foundation.

Pollyanna was passionate about the well-being of the wildlife she painted, as much as she was about accurately interpreting her subjects. She was a tireless campaigner for the welfare of endangered, sick and vulnerable creatures. For fifteen years Pollyanna ran her own wildlife sanctuary, 'Brookvale Bird Rescue' - funded entirely by her painting. Also she was the Founder of the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation which raises funds for the protection and rescue of wildlife, endangered species and the environment as well as emergency disaster relief.

Pollyanna will be remembered as a kind, dedicated and extraordinary woman, a great artist, a champion for the natural world and an inpiration to her peers and her fans alike. Pollyanna Pickering (1942-2018).

The work of the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation will continue, and future fundraising exhibitions of Pollyanna's work are planned. Visit the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation to learn more or make a donation. 

Visit Pollyanna's AFC website.

Visit Pollyanna's external website.


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