The Artist

"" My mission is to immortalize the animals I have known by portraying their likenesses as realistically as possible while capturing their individual personalities. My goal is to enable others to know, appreciate and enjoy these animals as I have." "I also hope to inspire others to treat these magnificent creatures with the dignity and respect they deserve, and to work to preserve them for future generations to enjoy." "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Jacquie Vaux’s paintings always demonstrate her deep love of wildlife. “I represent the animals I paint as sincerely as possible. With each painting, I strive to capture the individual personality of a special animal at a particular moment.” Jacquie and her husband have traveled all over the world to obtain the photos she uses for her paintings. Their trip to Africa was a life-changing experience for Ms. Vaux. To the present day, her paintings of African wildlife reflect her first-hand adventure. African animals are not the only subject matter for her paintings; north American animals now lead the list of her subjects. Jacquie is a full-time resident of Fort Collins, Colorado, and hikes in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park regularly; always carrying her camera to capture the local wildlife-which serve as inspiration for her paintings.

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