Rosie | Wallhanging by Geraldine Simmons | Artists for Conservation


29.70cm H x 21.00cm W
Colored pencil (Coloured pencil and gouache on paper)
Original for Sale:
Available as Ltd Edition:
Artist will donate 10% to Australian Conservation Foundation from sale of this work.
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Rosie, a galah so cruelly mistreated, was rescued from a heartless owner who kept her in a cramped cage with scarcely any room to move or flap her wings found new freedom and respect from the nurturing care of her new owner - a devoted animal lover and Zookeeper.

It was a lot of fun capturing the cheekiness and playfulness of Rosie - who oozes personality you can't help but love her. Studying my reference photo when planning my composition, I removed a lot of the background to hone in on Rosie herself, making her eye the focal point. I wanted to express how happy she is in a new caring environment where she is free and can be herself.

Sadly, most of the world still believes that parrots and other wild birds make great "pets." It breaks my heart when I walk past our local pet shop and see these innocent creatures locked in cages. They are wildlife, a part of biodiversity and need to stay in the wild where they belong.

If enough of us speak up, we may sway pet shops to stop selling wild birds.

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