Ninety-five Percent

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Ninety-five Percent

11.00" H x 14.00" W
Year Completed:
Ring-tailed Lemur
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Available as Ltd Edition:
Artist will donate 30% to Centre for Great Apes from sale of this work.
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Original reserved for solo art exhibtion October, 2021. Limited editions available.

Ninety five percent. That's how much the ring-tailed lemur wild population has plummeted since 2000. Habitat loss, the illegal pet trade and bushmeat hunting are driving this charismatic species to extinction.
Humanity needs to do things differently in order to save this species and many other endangered species. The situation we are currently experiencing with the corona virus is bringing out incredible kindness, respect and mindfulness in so many people. Let us show that same respect and compassion towards animals. "We're all in this together" to protect the biodiversity that sustains us all.

30% of proceeds will be donated to the Centre for Great Apes in my up-coming October 2021 solo exhibtiion as well as from the sale of limited edition prints.




Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Ninety-five percent | Giclee (signed/numbered) 25 34.00cm H x 43.00cm W $180.00 USD

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