"Isn’t it remarkable how “conservation” is an anagram of “conversation?” Talking about conservation provides the inspiration and motivation needed for urgent action so that all animals and humans can live in a safe, sustainable, beautiful world. That is what I hope my art evokes. "

Geraldine supports several animal welfare and environmental organizations through the donations of her art. Closest to her heart is Friends of the National Parks Foundation ( in Borneo, Indonesia, which focus on the conservation of orangutans and other Indonesian wildlife. When FNPF worked on rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans, Geraldine had the exciting opportunity to visit the rehabilitation centre. That experience became the catalyst for her mission to raise funds and awareness for endangered wildlife.

"I remember how heavy and steamy the air was as I walked toward one of the enclosures. The heaviness eased when my eyes met the most loving, big brown eyes I had ever seen. That love shining from her eyes will stay with me forever - the key to unlocking the personality and sentience that I burn to express through each of my portraits."

Stirred by this life-changing trip, Geraldine founded the “Riding for Rangas” annual charity bike ride in 2009 (biennially since 2013) to raise funds and awareness for FNPF. Riders sponsor to complete the challenging 300km distance in two days.

Geraldine has accepted many invitations to donate her works to significant animal conservation groups and campaigns such as Humane Society International, ENDANGERED Art4Apes Fine Art and Photography exhibition, Sketch for Survival in conjunction with Explorers Against Extinction, Sea Shepherd, Silvery Gibbon Art Auction and Borneo Orangutan Society.

The spring of 2019 and the summer of 2020 was the most catastrophic Australian history of bushfires and the consequent loss of a staggering 480 million animals and 18.6 million hectares of habitat. Prompted by this and unable to sit still, Geraldine took it upon herself to set up an online Facebook silent auction of one of her koala drawings to raise funds for the Port Macquarie Koala hospital in NSW. Through the connection of social media, Geraldine's page was discovered. She was invited to participate in "100 Artworks for a Koala - Konservation Project" through the nonprofit organization Living With Koalas. 100 Australian based artists will provide original artwork relating to koalas. An auction led event on an international scale, funds generated will be used for awareness programs and school visits and funding LWK koala food tree nurturing and planting. Originally planned for 2020, the event will go ahead after Covid restrictions have eased. 


Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Australia's bushfire emergency 2020 - Facebook art auction for the Koala Hospital - Port Macquarie  | Geraldine Simmons

Australia's bushfire emergency 2020

Bushfire emergency ART AUCTION on Geraldine's Wildlife Art via Facebook for the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, NSW.

Original artwork in coloured pencil on paper titled Afternoon Snooze. The size of the artwork is 42cm x 34cm.

 I am happy to announce the artwork sold, raising $400 AUD.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Sketch for Survival 2018 - In Collaboration with Explorers Against Extinction | Geraldine Simmons

Sketch for Survival 2018

Sketch for Survival is an art initiative. It was inspired by a shocking statistic – on average, one elephant is poached in the wild every 26 minutes. The purpose of the initiative is to highlight the plight of elephants and other iconic species and invited professional artists and celebrity supporters help by donating a simple 26-minute wildlife sketch to the  touring exhibition.

I was delighted and felt so privileged to be invited to participate once again in Sketch for Survival 2018 art initiative comprising 100+ artworks, including sketches, studio artworks, illustrations and...

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Wildlife Asia Roar Arts Event 2017 - Saving Species Through Art  | Geraldine Simmons

Wildlife Asia Roar Arts Event 2017

In Wildlife Asia Roar Event for 2017 the focus is to highlight the Leuser ecosystem, specifically the Sumatran elephant population. Artworks on offer will be available for viewing from November 2nd at Kidigo Art House, Bathers Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia with live art creations and an auction of selected works on November 9 run by Art Auctioneer John Cook.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Sketch for Survival  - Wildlife Artists Supporting Conservation | Geraldine Simmons

Sketch for Survival 2017

Over 100 pieces of artwork, both professional works donated by leading wildlife artists as well as sketches from celebrity supporters will be framed or mounted and exhibited online, as well as being displayed at the Royal Geographical Society in London, UK during the Explorers against Extinction event on the evening of 12 October 2017.

The evening will be introduced by Sir Ranulph Fienees OBE with Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE who will be joined by other explorers and adventurers as they talk of their travels and encounters with endangered wildlife.  Sketch for Survival will kick...

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Riding for Rangas  - An on-going bi-ennual charity bike ride that raises funds and awareness for non-profit organisation Friends of the National Parks Foundation based in Indonesia | Geraldine Simmons

Riding for Rangas

In 2005 when I visited Borneo, I saw firsthand the destruction caused by the planting of palm oil plantations that threaten local plant and animal species such as orangutans. Inspired and deeply moved by this trip, I used my love of push-bike riding to establish Riding for Rangas in 2009.  Riding for Rangas has raised thousands of dollars assisting Friends of the National Parks Foundation fight for the survival of orangutans through restoring habitat and relocating dozens to safety from the palm oil plantations to Tanjung Puting National Park and Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve. The pain...