Elephant Mother

Nothing could make me feel more proud than selling my painting "Baby Steps." Even better, it sold for well over the asking price. 100% of the proceeds went to Save Elephant Foundation selling for $2000.


It was an honour and a privilege to meet the acclaimed founder of Save Elephant Foundation, Lek Chailet at the Northern Beaches Gallery in Cromer, NSW for the screening of her stirring and confronting documentary Elephant Mother. My sensitive soul felt tortured as I sat through moments too unbearable to watch. I knew she had to bring attention to what was happening behind the scenes in the cruel practices of elephant tourist rides, trekking, and other forms of human entertainment.

Lek is on a mission to educate people through her world tour to end the suffering of these intelligent sentient beings. Words are hard to find when moved by someone so brave and committed to a cause they are passionate about. Nothing will stand in her way to give these beautiful animals the freedom and dignity they deserve and conserve the species. I hope her work will inspire a chain reaction to break down draconian attitudes and practices towards elephants in Thailand and all wildlife. 

To learn more about Lek and her inspiring work, click here