The Artist

"When someone views one of my wildlife portraits and connects with their eyes, I invite the viewer to become more curious and take a closer look; to learn more about them to save them. Through each portrait, I aspire to show what is inherent in every animal on earth, what is beautiful and worth saving and to show that these innocent beings are just as sentient as we are.          "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

When I draw wildlife, the eyes are what I notice first. They mesmerise me. Once I draw their eyes, the rest of my work follows.

No matter which species I draw, it feels natural to me to portray sensitivity as a common denominator. It is something that animals do not hide and inspires us to re-connect.

Before I start, I take a moment to connect with the animals and imagine being in their world; to listen to them so I can tell their story. I take my time to perfect each mark I make with utmost care. This is my way of honouring and respecting them at the deepest level of my being. It's a slow and deliberate process that unfolds one stroke at a time in either mixed media or scratchboard. 

I believe these beautiful, peaceful beings are calling me to express that they are not just mere commodities; to be exploited, used or forgotten. Animals teach us resilience and how to live in perfect harmony. Most importantly, they show us how to love unconditionally and live in the present moment. These are the things that inspire me the most. 




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