ILSE de Villiers has a passion to portray African wildlife through her exceptional God-given talent. With paintbrush, acrylic and canvass the creation is caught up in such detail that it leaves the onlooker speechless.

Ilse de Villiers was born in Durban (South Africa) and grew up in the picturesque, treelined city of Pietermaritzburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. She currently lives in the district of Tzaneen (Limpopo Province) surrounded by the most beautiful green hills and valleys.

This is also not far from the Kruger National Park, where wildlife thrives in their natural habitat. Her paintwork began as an inspiration of her inherent passion to draw the beauty of God's creation closer to man. Also to portray animals, so true to life, that the onlooker is left spellbound.

Through the use of acrylic on canvas, she creates a new world by skillfully harmonizing wild animals with their natural habitat.

The meticulous detail of her paintwork is unique to her style. She specializes particularly in painting the "Big Five" as well as other African wildlife with zebras being a personal favorite. Paintings can also be commisioned.

Her website ( is a showcase of her works of art which can be found hanging in the foyers of corporate headquarters all over the globe and in homes of proud owners who invested in ILSE's art. ILSE only does and sells original paintings and no prints are made of any of these paintings. Each one is absolutely unique.

Support for Conservation: 

Recent news:

In 2017 Ilse donated three Black & White paintings that was auctioned of with all the proceeds going to the Timbavati Conservation Fund & school. This school targets young learners, schools & communities from the area & educate them in the conservation of our wildlife, sustainable living, Watersaving projects etc.

She also partenered with the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) & painted one of their beautiful cheetahs, named Chrunchie,  that was born at this facility. This painting was auctioned of at a function in New York, USA to raise funds for the centre.

Later in 2017 Ilse was approached by John Sharp who functiones within the Bubye Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. The anti-poaching unit was doing a great job of keeping poachers, especially rhino poachers, at bay but they desperately needed funds to keep the unit up & running. After much deliberation John supplied images of Black rhinos that he took & Ilse used that to do a large color painting of Black rhinos. This painting was auctioned of during a fundraiser event in Midlands, West-Texas during their anual formal Safari Club event.

In 2018 Ilse also partenered with the Limpopo Rhino Security group to help raise funds to curb the ongoing rhino poaching. To make the experience even more personal, Ilse & her husband where allowed to spend a morning with rhinos at an unnown destination to take as many photographs as they wanted to. Using the reference photos of that morning Ilse painted three large Black & white paintings that were auctioned of at a prestige event that May in Polokwane hosted by the Limpopo Security Group.





Special Achievements: 

Two of ILSE's paintings were included in the AFC annual 2014 yearbook & two paintings were also included in the 2017 anual yearbook.