"As a wildlife artist, I'm extremely lucky to possess the ability to portray the world's unique creatures. Therefore issues concerning endangered species and the loss of habitat are extremely important to me. Conservation is the key and the answer to protecting all wildlife and the wilderness area's on which they depend. I firmly believe as wildlife artist's we have a profound duty to speak up and help save the wild creatures that share this remarkable planet.  "

A Long time supporter of conservation wildlife artist Patrick Watson works hard to save the world's wildlife, wilderness areas, and to speak out on the environmental. As such he continues to raise funds and donate artwork in support of various worldwide organizations.

The following list of conservation organizations Patrick supports and believes in:

• Panthera

• Cheetah Conservation Fund

• Snow Leopard Trust

• W W F

• Small Cat Conservation Alliance

• The Silvery Gibbon Project

• Born Free Foundation

• David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation