The Artist

"From an early age, art has been more of a way of life for me rather than a vocation. For this reason, I may not have seen Art as a career, but more as a way of expressing my appreciation, curiosity and love for nature and wildlife. Art becomes something that defines who you are rather then something you do to make a living. Art was always something that brought me solace and peace of mind, allowing me to escape to a world of self-indulgence, focusing on a single goal without distraction, without complication. I was blessed to have a mother who nourished and supported that creativity she saw in me at an early age by providing me with different mediums to work with, but never pushing me in one direction or another. Sharing a common interest in Art with her
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Welcome to my Artist for Conservation site. Here you will find information about me as an artist  as well as a few of my paintings that I have posted to support AFC. Be sure to visit often as I post new paintings on a regular basis.


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