"We want to be respected, taken care of, and succeed in life. The planet we live on deserves the exact same thing. This world and the animals on it deserve respect, care, and success in life by being able to live. "

My current projects are being partnered with Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary and WildCat Ridge Sanctuary. 

40% of the proceeds from artworks of the resident's portraits go to support them.

I am currently focusing on conservation efforts for African Wildlife with a current collection of works. Through this, I am working on building a larger body of work with a larger message. The message includes not only information on each animal but ways we can help protect the precious life in Africa, as well as support the natives. This is a work in progress for a passion project.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Art for Safe Haven

My current partnership with Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary is based on resident portraits. Listed below are the options in regard to the Art of Safe Haven: -40% of the proceeds of any sold Safe Haven resident pieces go to Safe Haven to provide medical care, food, and education to the public. - Recently, I have opened up a 'packages' for a wider range of price and works. - Bronze Package is an 8x10 Print on acid free matte photo paper Signed and Numbered (Limited Edition of 25 each). Also included in a bio sheet on the resident 25% of the proceeds go to Safe Haven. - Silver Package is any...