Taylor was born in January of 1989 in Warren, MI. In 1995, she moved out to Las Vegas, NV with her mother. The discovery of art lined up with her discovery of wildlife in many ways. 

Always fascinated by animals as a young child, it only seemed natural that when she was to get creative with drawing or writing it was always animal based. The love for both never faded throughout her life. 

From the ages of 9 years old – 11 years old, Taylor attended private art classes after school. She worked with charcoal and pastels to start off with, always gravitating towards animals as her main subject. She continued to participate in art classes in high school.

After high school, the question of what to do next was the main one in her life. The passion for art was evident but the passion for continuing onto college was not. Unsure if that was the road to go down, she started working at a picture framing shop at the age of 19.

Being surrounded by more types of art only whispered the answers in her ear more. Simply put, don’t give up what you love just because you aren’t in college. As she worked on her artwork, the confidence to push towards a career in art built. 

Over time, she started researching ways to put her love of wildlife art to work with helping wildlife conservation.

As of April 2013, she has had the honor of working with Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary in Imlay, NV. Wildlife protection is extremely important in her work and being able to be involved with an organization that saves neglected and abused animals is a true honor. Currently, pieces are displayed on site at Safe Haven. Pieces have sold to supporters of their cause since April of 2013.

In the spring of 2015, she also partnered with WildCat Ridge Sanctuary to also help support their residents with her work.

Support for Conservation: 

Since 2013 I have been partnered with Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary by having 40% of the proceeds of Safe Haven residents portraits donated to Safe Haven to provide care for them, help with food, medical care, and way of life.  

Since 2015 I have been partnered with WildCat Ridge Sanctuary by having 40% of the proceeds of WildCat residents portraits donated to WildCat to provide care for them, help with food, medical care, and way of life.  

Currently, I am working on an African Wildlife Collection to raise conservation awareness for the vast life in Africa. With any art sale, I will be donating 10% of the proceeds to the African Wildlife Foundation. This collection will continue to go over time.

The next collection, which will be started later in 2019 will be focused on South American Wildlife or Ocean Wildlife. For South American Wildlife, 10% of the proceeds of sales will go to the World Wildlife Fund. For the Ocean Wildlife collection, 10% of the proceeds will go to the Ocean Conservancy. 

As my career grows, I hope to expand with other organizations to preserve specific animals and locations. I also hope to be able to educate the public on a larger scale with showing them the importance of preservation through a different lens, like the beauty of seeing the world through art.