The Artist

"Wildlife, and animals as a whole, represent what we often overlook. The beauty and strength of evolution. Capturing emotions through pastels or charcoal is a way to communicate the importance of these dynamic creatures. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Welcome, all! 

Working in the field of art for wildlife has been the core of my existence since a very young age. The two never left my side. I always felt I owe it to the creatures we all share the world with the respect they deserve. They deserve to be protected as much as a mother protects her child.

I want to create my work to help wildlife and the planet and educate individuals on that importance. As my career as an artist grows, I hope to expand my work to help at a larger scale with more organizations and donations. 

Currently, I am partnered with one wildlife sanctuary. Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary and I have been working together since 2013. 40% of the proceeds of any Safe Haven resident portraits I have done go to them to help give their rescues the best life possible. I continue to look for organizations to work with that reflect our responsibility in caring for abused, injured, or neglected animals.

The collection for Safe Haven is continuing to grow. I am currently expanding this collection to do a portrait for each resident. I aim to push this type of collection further by working with other organizations similar to Safe Haven. I would also like to work with organizations that rescue and nurse back abandoned or neglected domestic animals. 

Recent Artwork