Born in 1984, Joseph Koensgen, who has been drawing and painting from a young age, has always been fascinated and inspired by the world around him. While he has always enjoyed nature and desired to know more about it, he now paints, with the hope that his appreciation for nature can be shared with others.

As he was growing up he was often recognized by his peers as having a natural talent and received many awards in school for his art. Being self taught, he started to paint wildlife in acrylics at the age of 15, studying the art of his favourite wildlife painters and continuing to develop his skill. In 2008 he moved into painting the nature scenes that he does today. He gets his inspiration directly from nature, often going out with a camera to capture the things he sees, making his sketches and putting his ideas together. In 2009, in the first showing of his art at the Manitoba Art Expo, he received The People’s Choice award, where his work was well received. In 2012 he was selected to be a part of the Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolio.

As he continues to gather momentum in his painting, he also continues to expand his research, travel, and subject material, with the hope that his art will create a sense of wonder and awareness for the importance of protecting the natural world.