The status, ecology and conservation of internationally important bird populations on the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Special issue of British Columbia Birds journal by BC Field Ornithologists
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The Fraser River Delta in southwestern British Columbia is a premier bird habitat in Canada used each year by nearly 1.7 million birds from across the western hemisphere. The Special Issue published by BC Field Ornithologists and written with co-authors David Bradley and James Casey, is a 30 year review of conservation of this national treasure. The publication is the technical report for bird conservation efforts in the delta. Released in 2021.
Sunday, 1 September, 2019 to Saturday, 1 May, 2021

The Fraser River Delta has received the highest conservation designations for its birds and large areas have been assigned for their conservation. An important step to assure the continuation of the conservation measures undertaken over the past 30 years is to bring together stakeholders around a common vision. 


In 1987, I coauthored a report on the international signficance of birds on the Fraser River Delta in British Columbia, Canada. Many of the report's recommendations were implemented which helped stabilize and contributed to the recovery of its birdlife. The delta lies just south of Vancouver where there are many pressures on the land base. The 30 year reveiw calls on interested parties to develop a common vision and mobilize combined efforts to conserve and to celebrate the presence of the millions of birds that annually use the delta. A portion of sales of my artwork will go this cause.