Flyway Conservation

Create Conservation Project/Cause -  | Rob Butler
In the past few decades, advances in understanding how birds migrate has taken leaps and bounds. Pacific Flyway written with Audrey Benedict and Geoff Hammerson brings together much of the new research on one of the great migration route along the coast of the Americas. Over 8000 photos were reviewed to select the stunning images in the book.
Saturday, 1 September, 2018 to Tuesday, 4 February, 2020

The book was intended to support conservation efforts of birds throughout the Pacific Flyway. 


Audrey Benedict is an award winning author about nature and founder of Cloudridge Naturalists in Colorado. Following a successful launch of a book on the Salish Sea, she asked about a book on the migration of birds. The idea was to immerse the story of migration in a visually stunning book. Her team at Cloudridge wnet to work searching out suitabel images, copy editting, and layout while we wrote teh text. The book published by Sasquatch/Random House was launched in Seattle in 2020 and has since won a silver medal from Nautilus Book Awards.