"Two current projects deal with the local and hemisphere scale of bird migration. The latest book called Pacific Flyway with Audrey Benedict and Geoff Hammerson takes the reader along with the birds as they navigate the Pacific Coast of the Americas. The second publication is more technical aimed at summarizing and offering advice on conservation of one of Canada's most important bird habitats, the Fraser River Delta near Vancouver.  "

The Salish Sea is a body of water between Vancouver Island and British Columia near Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. Renowned for its internationally important bird and marine mammals, having an online atlas of distributions and abundance will assist in development and conservation proposals. Through the Pacific WildLife Foundation, I am conducting the surveys and arranging for the results to be published as a Salish Sea atlas of birds and mammals. You can see more of my conservation and artwork at my web site 

Conservation Projects & Causes

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Flyway Conservation

The book was intended to support conservation efforts of birds throughout the Pacific Flyway. 

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The status, ecology and conservation of internationally important bird populations on the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada

The Fraser River Delta has received the highest conservation designations for its birds and large areas have been assigned for their conservation. An important step to assure the continuation of the conservation measures undertaken over the past 30 years is to bring together stakeholders around a common vision.