Sketch for Survival

Explorers Against Extinction
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Sketch For Survival is a global initiative using wildlife art to raise awareness of species extinction and habitat loss worldwide. With Invitational Collections in Europe and North America, in 2022 it was supported by over 3,000 artists in 97 countries. Funds raised through the initiative go to fund specific conservation projects located across the world. This year these include snow leopards in the Himalayas, orangutans in Borneo, cheetahs in Zambia and forest elephants in Central Africa.
Friday, 16 September, 2022 to Saturday, 8 October, 2022

What is Sketch for Survival?  

For the first time Sketch for Survival has a dedicated Collection for the USA & Canada. It will be displayed at a private viewing at The Explorers Club in New York on Thursday 6th October before being sold in an online auction on Friday 7th October.  Canadian Artist Kelly Dodge is one of 34 North American artists invited to participate in the dedicated Collection for the USA and Canada. 

Sketch for Survival is an annual exhibition and sale of wildlife art in aid of conservation. It is part of a wider conservation campaign called Explorers against Extinction organised by UK charity The Real World Conservation Trust. In the five years since it started it has raised nearly US$ 500,000 for front line conservation.

"This year with the generous support of our US and Canadian artists we are excited to showcase a stand-alone Invitational Collection in North America comprising 34 artworks."   The collection will be displayed at the Explorers Club in New York on the 6th, and auctioned in US Dollars on Saturday 8 October at 7pm EDT in support of this year's projects.   To register to bid, or to view the North America collection, which features pieces by leading artists including John Banovich, Michael Dumas and A.E London and Kelly Dodge. 

Sketch for Survival comprises original artworks, illustrations, street art and cartoons, all depicting endangered wildlife and at-risk landscapes from around the world and donated by the professional art community as well as by celebrities.

In 2021 the collection featured 250 artworks from artists in 26 countries. It sold online for US$125,000.